Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Going Ons

I just wanted to post some cute pictures of the girls I've taken this month and comment on the going ons at the Pointer household!

Here's Pres having a "tea party" with some hot coco. She is very into tea parties lately! We had three pretend tea parties just yesterday complete with desert. And we always talk in our best English accent! My grandma would be so proud! And to hear Presley say, "daw-ling" is SO funny! Anyway, she loved having her hot chocolate in a real tea cup! I think I know what we're going to do from her 3rd birthday party!

Here' s Teagan's new look. She likes to give it to strangers to size them up. Strangers and her own parents, and anyone else she deems necessary! Very intense. She is learning so much right now! Talking and really understanding everything and knows what she wants (and gets rather ticked if you don't get the memo)!!

And just moments before the look above, this precious smiling face! By the way, the ouchey on her forehead was from Teagan and tricycle vs TV armoire, part II. :( Which is totally my fault.

This was fun but made me realize I'm not a good or patient teacher. We went on a "color hunt" to help Presley learn her colors. Big sister still doesn't know her colors!! But I swear this child has ADD. She couldn't pay attention to save her life! We went around the house with the grocery cart that Santa brought and gathered up all the orange things we could find. But she wanted to put everything in there. Not only that, but when we first started, I asked her what color something was and she got it right, and then I praised her, and then everything beyond that was that particular color. Did I over praise?? I was on a mission for her to learn her colors that day! Probably a bit over zealous to say the least!

Teagan is a climber!! She can maneuver chairs, stools, pillows, and anything else that can give her some leverage to get to where she wants to go! Mama's got to be quick with these two!

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Alison said...

Great idea with the colors!!!