Friday, December 12, 2008

Good news!

On the business end of things, I have good news! I am now accepting plastic (yes, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover) when you place an order and for booking sessions! Welcome to the 2000's, Taylor Made!! And I must say it's nice to have finally arrived!

And if you're wondering why all the peppiness at such a late hour, it's because of too much caffeine today. An impromptu play date got me going early stuffing things in the nearest possible nook and cranny and sweeping up dust bunnies straightening up the house and getting ready for the day (if you call my frumpy clothes "getting ready for the day"). And before I knew it I was jabbering my way through lunch with all the kids and my girlfriend. After everyone left and I got the girls down for their nap, I started to feel a slight tinge of a caffeine headache setting in and realized I had not enjoyed my strong cups of Joe. With haste, I quickly warmed up the 6 cup pot I had made when I first woke up, threw in some french vanilla, and pretty much chased it with a "spot of tea".

Oh and if that didn't show enough of my lack of restraint today, my sweet tooth was whispering sweet nothings in my ear about the bag of Reece's pieces peanut butter cups stowed away in the candy bowl above the hutch. ...half a bag of chocolate might have contributed additional caffeine in which I did not account when I was throwing 'em back earlier in the day.... so maybe that's it!!

Baby M again!!

Little Baby M is now three months old and really turned up the cute-o-meter on this one!! Then, as if he wasn't already being a perfect little model baby to start, towards the end of the session, he went to sleep and let us take some of him sleeping (which by the way, is a photographer's dream)!! Mom brought some good hats to this session, which always makes for great photos (for anyone who's looking for any ideas)! Looking forward to his 6 months pictures, and mom promised that her and dad would jump in the pictures too! Thanks, Bethany for letting me share your precious baby with all my peeps!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Girl Carseat

We are only a few months behind, but I'm blaming it on her being so little, and I'm not quite sure she was 20 lbs on her birthday. But now she is and ready for a big girl carseat! We finally got her one and had our first outing in it yesterday. She looked pleased, but there were no fireworks like I thought there might be...

We went to Northpark and met Mimi and my sister and her twins. Presley told me many times that she didn't want to sit with Santa again. (We went to Willowbend and both were screaming on his lap.) I tried to assure her that she didn't have to. I never even told her we were, I think she thought that because she was getting all dolled up, she was getting a picture made...a train of thought, again, I'm liking!! Little did she know, mama's just behind on laundry!!

So it wasn't until we pulled back up the house with both girls asleep that I missed her baby carrier. Therefore both girls only napped on the car ride home! Teagan is such a light sleeper! I can transfer Presley, but Teagan I probably won't be able to.

Here's Teagan in her new carseat (minus the fireworks, but still happy)!

Here' s Presley and Mimi in the train exhibit. We've never done that before, I always thought it was a train you ride. It was neat and the girls enjoyed it!
Teagan saying hi to a train maybe??

The girls looking at a fairy boat under the bridge, it was just on their level to get a good look.

We need to have more outings like that! We all enjoyed getting out of the house, cold weather and all!

Miss Sassy Pants

Presley, is her name! She is becoming quite the little ball of sass. And I have the pictures to prove it! I must admit, I'm enjoying the hamming for the camera, a willingness I hope sticks around a while!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Teagan's first...

Baby Sleep Over!

Last weekend we did a back to back movie switch with my sister, Alison and Jay. We went to the movie while they watched the girls and then we watched their girls while they went. Four Christmas's, it was pretty funny. Anyway, it was a dramatic first couple of minutes because Price had to go let my other sister's dog out while I watched all four of them! No easy task! Then, Dovie spit up on Price, then pooped out of her diaper, all at the same time as all three of the little babies were needing a nap. After trying to lay the twins in the bed, which didn't work (I think it's something about this house...), I piled them all on the big bed and before too long, they were all fast asleep! It was sweet!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Presley's BFF

This is Allie and her brother, Jacob. Their mama, Jennifer, I met through some mutal friends and it's like we've been friends forever. Many, many things in common, particularly photography. And Allie and Presley play very well together! The most recent playdate, we pulled up to Allie's house and Presley said, "no hitting". And almost simultaneously according to Jennifer, Allie said before we arrived, "I'm gonna share my toys." And so the girls were in the zone and played SOOO well together! Jen, here's your sneak peak!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Boys will be boys!

These two boys came into the studio and were bouncing off the walls! Literally! It was fun to get to interact with these little guys, since there's a little more estrogen running around this house usually. This picture was the second picture I snapped! There are more cute ones to come, but wanted to get this one up and give Mom and Dad a sneak peak (something I haven't been able to do a lot of lately)! I think they may have been a little worried we didn't get a good one when they left.

Miss Emily

Emily brought her parents over for a shoot last weekend. She did excellent and we captured some fun ones. Here are a couple of my favs...without showing too many!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Cards

Finally I have some some holiday cards templates available to view. Click on the following link to see a slideshow.

holiday cards

More coming soon! Stay tuned!

Due to the first comment, I felt I needed to clarify. I bought (actually traded some photography) for these templates. (Many shouts out to Keith Green.) I just plugged in my pictures and text and viola. Then why did it take about a week to get them up still? I've decided that my calling might be more photography than it is "messages". I have made a couple cards here recently, and once I'm assured that they have been mailed out and received, I will post them. I still enjoy both and that IS a blessing! P.S. Thanks, Kerri for your encouraging words.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary

Just want to brag on my parents for celebrating their 40th anniversary this past Saturday. They got married at the ripe ol' age of 17! Forty years is a LONG time and they have stuck it out through the hard times and didn't give up on their marriage. They are true role models for not just THEIR kids but all of OUR kids as well. And the whole extended family for that matter!

My sisters and I had a brunch for them on Sunday to celebrate and gave them the following picture of all their grand kids. It's not perfect, but that's the beauty in it! They LOVED it! Happy Anniversary Mimi and Papa! We love you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maternity Session

Here's a slide show of what you could expect from a maternity session. This is also a great example of coordinating colors. Click on this link

Thanks Rachael and Andrew and Baby Addison for letting me share your photos with everyone!

Family Bonds

This family came in for some family photos and lots of individual pictures of the kiddos! The best part is they are in my own backyard!

These two were sweet to one another, at least in front of the camera!!! :)

On the move, Luke!

Mr. Luke is about to turn one in a few days, and what a cutie he was with is blonde hair and blue eyes. He wanted to be on the move and there was nothing going to stop him! So we were very accommodating and took him out into nature (right around the corner) and explored the railroad tracks. We started and ended at the studio for just a couple indoors. He did great! I enjoyed meeting him and his nice parents! Happy Birthday, Luke!

Color Coordination

A lot of people needlessly stress about what to wear in pictures especially when they are trying to dress an entire family or group. And I have been there!! r So I wanted to post a couple pics of a good example of color coordination. This is a friend of ours and her mama for some sweet mother-daughter pictures. They brought their own version of a Mary Poppins bag, and it made for some great shots! Thanks, girls! It was fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Developments

I now have online proofing and ordering for ALL our convenience! The galleries are password protected to maintain your privacy, but you can share with your family and friends. Stay tuned!

Pumpkin fun at the Arboretum

This is a little late, but better late than never. We went for a "picnic in the park" a couple of weeks ago and had some fun with some friends at the pumpkin patch at the arboretum. We since went back and took my big camera and took some more pictures. But I wanted to share a couple from this day. I have been so bad about posting pictures of the girls and giving updates.

Here are the girls with Jackson and Judah. I like this one because the two in the middle are totally playing footsies!!

Teagan, 12 months. I forgot her bow in the car, but she rarely leaves it on for more than a nanosecond.

Presley, almost 2.5 years. She picked out her own shoes to wear this day (and most days for that matter).

I told Price (hubby) this morning, there are about to be some big changes in the Pointer house. Presley is paci obsessed! The girl is psycho about her pacies. She found a tub of them during Teagan's party and carried them around. There are still some stragglers laying around, but I think I've finally found most of them and put them back up. We are gearing up for passing them on to the paci fairy or Santa or someone to give them to the babies that need them. It's getting ridiculous!

And as far as Teagan's obsessions, she still likes to nurse! All day and ALL night in fact! The last couple of nights have been really rough for some reason and each morning I wake up thinking somethings got to give. But if you try to cut her off early or refuse to appease her, all hell breaks the middle of the night!! So you can imagine what happens next. What Teagan wants at 2, 3, 4 in the morning, little Teagan gets. I think she's cutting her molars though, in her defense. Weaning is definitely on our agenda.

More pink cheetah birthday fun!

Here are more fun pictures from Teagan's birthday party.

Teagan with her birthday hat on before we sang "Happy Birthday". We took too long and she had to have a mini meltdown. But once the singing began and she had a cake in front of her, she was fine. Although she didn't get into the cake that much. Over the next couple of days she sure helped me out eating it though.

Before the costume came off.

The pink cheetah cake that was very delicious. Side note, I totally forgot to get cutlery for the cake and ice cream. I was digging forks and spoons out of every nook and cranny of the kitchen. But nobody had to use their fingers! yay!

Birthday girl's big sister, who helped her eat her smash cake. In this pic, she has black lips and fingers to prove it! Unfortunately I didn't get that great of photo of Presley's costume, but it was cute.

The pink cheetah pumpkin decor! Surprisingly there wasn't much pink cheetah stuff out there to spurce up a party theme. So we improvised and painted a pumpkin thanks to Michael's for a good crafty idea.

Teagan's first birthday invite

My little baby just turned a year old right before Halloween! We had a pink cheetah themed costume party for her. It was a lot of fun to host and prepare for!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our goal was to get a picture of these two together for a gift for Gran, so I can't spoil ALL the fun! But I thought it would be okay to show a couple of cute ones for a quick peak. This family has some beautiful genes! It's hard not to look at these pictures and not smile back!

Tanner at 7 months

I have been so busy getting ready for Teagan's first birthday party (all those trivial details probably nobody notices, but for some reason I feel compelled to do...), that I'm behind getting some sneak peaks up for my peeps.

I've realized since I've had a recent influx of 6 monthers, that 6 months is the age for some GREAT shots! They aren't able to crawl away usually, but they can sit and/or prop themselves up on their hands. And I've either gotten a lot of laid back babies, or 6 months is a very laid back age!

Tanner was so easy! Way to go, Dude!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

MDO preview

Here is a preview for tomorrow. My goal is to have a classy, simple, fall setting and let your child take the lead! (I want the focus to be your kid and not a busy background!)

If they don't want to sit on the stool, they don't have to. And we'll do our best to encourage and extract pretty smiles and not this face!

I'm looking forward to it and appreciate the opportunity to capture your kiddo's sweet personalities!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mr. Big Stuff

Here is Kellan's 6 month pictures. (Here are his three monthers we took just three short months ago!) He's long and lean and such a big boy reading the paper!! This mama and daddy brought their own little bag-O-tricks and had some great ideas!! I so appreciate the creativity everyone brings to the table! It makes for a fun session! And with how easy going Kellan was, it was a pleasure!!

Miss Molly

This little baby girl is too cute for words! Her parents (and our friends) came b-boppin' in with a "Mary Poppins's" bag full of good stuff. (Which is the very best way to come to a photo shoot!!) We changed clothes, bows, and overall positions many times and she was such a doll the whole time! It was fun guys!!

Wonder where they went to school?? :)