Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Chair

To further avoid my domestic duties around here, I want to spend all, as opposed to only some, of the uninterrupted time the girls are sleeping on this computer and share some more pictures.

I've gone a little furniture overload in and, to Hubby's dismay, around the studio. (My stuff is spilling out into Hubby's adjoining "man room".) This chair we actually had in our storage. Hubby challenged me that I could not get it here by myself. With a challenge like that, I would have carried it home on my head. It's here now and Hubby threw some bolts in it to fix it for me.

And it too has a lot of green tones... Thanks to my less than willing participants, Presley and Teagan!

Teagn: the ornery face!

Teagan: the "Oh, I'm not supposed to be doing this?" face.
And Presley: the "I'm smiling, but what I really want to do is run out of here" face.

And then she did!! And literally would not come back!!! I had one more chair that I wanted to share. Maybe they'll wake up from their naps in good photographic moods! Here's to hoping!!

Heroes for Children

I was honored in getting asked by Heroes for Children to take some pictures of Stephanie. Heroes for Children "provides financial and social assistance to families, within the state of Texas, with children (0-22 yrs of age) battling cancer". Basically, they do GREAT things and bring BIG smiles to kids!! Although Stephanie didn't go to prom, she looked and dressed the part and we got some fab pictures of her! And with her family and friends, too! Here's a small preview!

And with sis!
If you are looking to donate to a good charity, Heroes for Children is a great one!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lily's Birthday Fashion Shoot

I did my first Birthday Fashion Shoot this past weekend! Lily brought the party over to the studio, and we rolled out the red carpet! We started with a group shot and then did a few different individual shots. Each girl gets to pick out which one they would like printed! We had a blast and I still haven't stopped having fun, as you can see!!

Here's the feedback I got from Lily's mom!
"I can't tell you how great this experience was. First of all the girls were so jazzed and NOT let down at all. They all were just buzzing on the way home. Later on Saturday one of the moms even stopped by our house to tell me how her daughter just went on and on about it. You really made this such a special event for us. Not to mention your hospitality and making the girls feel so special with their model refreshments. We never felt uncomfortable or rushed and I thought you really took my plan and executed on it flawlessly.

As for the photos themselves....I could tell during the shoot that they were going to be good. Now that I see them, I am just blown away that we got 9, 12 year olds in and out of there and all with several great shots to choose. These are EXACTLY what I had in mind. Just showed them to Lil and she loves them.
Thank you thank you thank you."
I think they liked them! If you or someone you know might be interested in something like this, please inquire for details and special pricing!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gift Certificate Special!

Buy a gift certificate for a photography session and receive a FREE photography session ($100 to $125 value).

Here's how it works, the sessions must be used by two different families. So go in with a friend, give it as a gift, or ask for two gift certificates if you want to give them both as gifts (perfect for all you grandparents!!) Gift certificates expire September 30, 2009.

But wait, there's more! (I totally had to say that!) Buy in the next 5 minutes days, and also receive a coupon code for a free 5x7 ($15 dollar value).

Offer expires 5/9/09. To purchase, click here, password is 'special'. Then click on Products.


I haven't posted any pictures of my nephew, Madden in a while. Sorry, Little Buddy!! He had on some cute handsome sandals little man shoes, but he wanted his boots on immediately, yee-haw!! Of course when the camera is out, all kids get their way. So we obliged, and it made for some really cute pictures. Madden is almost 2 and ALL boy. It's amazing - when he comes over, he can go into the playroom (basically a sea of pink) and still find something boyish to play with, usually something with wheels.

Little Green Chair

I've had my eye on this little green chair at Helping Hands, the local thrift store, for a while now. Last time I went, all furniture was 35% off. I took that as God blessing this purchase! I brought it home, and even though Hubby said it's "uglier than a dogs booty" (not his exact words, but very, very close), I really love it. It has great lines, small and lightweight, and one day I want to get it recovered. But right now, I'll use it green and all! So I guess you can say, Taylor Made Messages is going Green!! (P.S. I did buy some reusable grocery bags today at the grocery store.)

Thanks to the lovely Willa and Dovie for helping me model it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Day

We had such a great time on Easter with family and friends.

First, we went to church. We were in the nursery, so we got to play with the girls and take some pictures.

We made a macaroni cross for Presley. But after I burned my finger on the hot glue gun, we just drew a cross for Teagan. Addison was sleeping in her swing at this point. She woke up in time for us to get to enjoy her for a little while!

We went to the sanctuary and got a family picture by the cross one of the ladies at church made. Teagan wasn't feelin' it!

Then we went to Price's sisters house for an egg hunt and some food. Here's a picture of all the girls. Presley made fast friends with the big girls!! And they were so sweet to her and played with her the whole time we were there! Again Teagan wasn't feelin' it! She was on my hip a majority of the day.

Here's Mr. Cash. He had a basket full of eggs you can't see in the picture. And he was on a pretty good sugar high already.

Then we headed to my mom and dad's house for another hunt and more food. Here's Madden with his Easter wheelbarrow! And yes, that is drool from all the candy he had been eating!!

Presley knowing just what to do this time - fill her basket with as much candy as possible!!
Mimi, Dovie, Addie, and Willa watching the hunt in progress!!

Teagan and Papa and OE finding eggs!

It was a good day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Three generations of gorgeous!

It's always a treat when another photographer wants you to take pictures of them!! My friend Rachael's mom, sister, and niece were in town and they wanted to capture three generations of girls!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Parker

Here is a sneak peak for Parker and his fam. He had some amazing blue eyes!! He was so good and just played and let us play! Thanks, little guy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Pics - Round 1

The Mama was TKO'd!

It may be my first attempt at Easter pictures for this year, but it is definitely my last at photographing the girls without another set of hands!! These two wore me plum out!! All my "tricks" no longer work on these two! They are on to me!

These outfits were given to us by my sweet and dear friend, Han! Thanks, Han!

In retrospect, I'm thinking Pres needs a bigger bow or Weegie needs a smaller one....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a couple of cuties

Just wanted to share a couple quick pics of my cuties.

Here's a couple of Weegie. She's so funny about about a few things. She loves her (previously Presley's) dooblebop shirt. She also loves to have shoes on. So this picture shows both of these things! When I squatted down to take her picture, she squatted with me!

And here she is in her house coat.

And this is Presley out in public. She wanted to wear this, and I didn't see any harm in it. So when we were getting ready to go, she had to grab all of her belonging, including her purse, her sunglasses and a baby, which we made her leave in the car. I had to snap a picture walking into Target! She's actually been living in this dress the last few days.

And this one is so funny, because Presley is just like me in the sense of being symmetrical! Just look how all the colors perfectly match up. You go girl, you make a mama proud!!