Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Temple Adeline

Here are pictures of my littlest baby. Here's her announcement (except it had scalloped edges once it was printed). She's almost 3 months old already! And as sweet as can be!



My friend Michelle let me borrow this vintage stroller that actually belonged to her grandmother. It was old and perfect!

Here are a couple more pictures that I loved but didn't make it on the announcement.

And one more!

Don't forget the special offer to archive your images! Yes, this means you can buy the full resolution images on a disk of your past photo sessions!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Archive Your Past Sessions!!

Happy New Year! I'm still technically taking some time off to adjust to life with three children. BUT I wanted to announce this special offer!

Because my hard drives are jam packed full and screaming "HELP!"! Because I can't bare to just delete your precious photos! (I AM a borderline hoarder, ya know!) Because it's a new year! Because SO many people have asked! Because when I come back from taking time off, I'll be changing everything up!

You can buy the full resolution images on disk of your past photo sessions. To print, to store, to share. Whatever it is you'd like to do! The first session is $100, second $50, third $50, and any past that I'll throw in for free! (Because I love those clients that come back season after season, year after year!)

So if you're interested, click here! Just add 'archive your session' to your cart. If you have more than one session you'd like to have, add 'archive addt'l session' to your cart, not to exceed $200 total.

Please email me with any questions! I'll be emailing this inf0 out as well in the next day or so. Please help me spread the word in the meantime! Thanks!

Hope your year is starting off RIGHT!