Monday, January 12, 2009

We had a visitor...

I haven't even been able to tell you who came to visit us New Year's Day night. Mostly because every time I sit down at the computer, Teagan gets mad - it was a busy Nov and Dec, and apparently I have scared my child!

Here's a hint!!

We were finally visited by The Pacie Fairy!! She came and gathered up all Presley's pacies and took them to the babies that need them. She did leave some exciting gifts behind - play-doh, Mary Poppins, big girl undies, and candy! Hubby and I both are so pleasantly surprised just how well Presley has coped. She has boycotted naps, so at night she goes to bed really well. And for 3-4 days she would wake up at 5 am or there abouts, and cry for it. She still will ask for one here and there throughout the day, but she knows what the answer will be - there are none, you're a big girl, the pacie fairy came. Any person we see, both known and unknown, she wants to tell them about the pacie fairy coming to visit. She is no longer obsessed with everyone elses pacie. When we go visit Willa and Dovie, she doesn't immediately give them the shake down to find theirs like she would before. Or if she does happen to cross it, she will give it to my sister. Granted, they don't take the same kind as she did. Madden does however, and she did give Madden's bag the frisk at Chuck E Cheese the other night, but didn't come up with it. So even her pacie-stealing skills have diminished!

The Mary Poppins movie was a big hit! So we have pretty much had round the clock Mary Poppins time. We all enjoyed it at first. The songs are good, Hubby thinks Mary Poppins is "hot", and Teagan will have brief moments of engagement. Hubby wanted to watch football yesterday and she about laid out! And I am literaly singing "it's a jolly holiday with Mary" in my sleep!!

Here's a picture to commemorate such a giant leap in Presley's growing up!

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haute shot photography said...

If Pres needs any support whatsoever, she can call Allie, day or night. And are you using a new lens? I kinda thinks you are. Cute shots!