Thursday, May 28, 2009

G family

Here are a couple fun pictures from the G family! Excitement, energy, and lots of silliness made up this session!

Siblings - Colton, Cameron, and Courtney.

And little cousin, Abbott.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poodle Poo

Presley is getting to be such a big girl! This morning when we woke up, I started to say, "You girls -" And Presley interrupted and said, "I knoooow, your back hurts..." And then started rambling gibberish, or maybe I stopped listening. Because yeah, that's probably where I was going with it! Because at some point in the morning, they bombard me and totally get all up in my space. And in an effort to keep everyone asleep until the last possible millisecond, I roll with it! Which means I sleep somewhat contorted. I guess I always say something about my back hurting! Thanks for pointing out the redundancy!

Presley is also very innovative lately! We were eating popsicle's the other night and she wanted to put on her winter mittens to eat her popsicle that was too cold to hold!

She looks so old here and just like a little girl! I know I keep saying this, I think I'm trying to wrap my brain around it!!

Play-doh is her first love right now!! (Well, it's a toss up between play-doh and Caillou.) The girl loves her some play-doh!! She can play with it for HOURS!! And a little bit of play-doh resides in the sole of just about every pair of shoe we own. Even cousin Madden has some in his shoes!

Marker-cap capped fingers!!

Weegie Woo

Um, hello it wasn't even summer yet and this child has a beautiful glowing tan!! She definitely has her daddy's olive skin! Lucky!! Love those pigtails!

Teagan will pull out dirty shirts from the dirty clothes hamper and put them on. She loves any shirt that she's seen big sister wear! And by the looks of this face, she knows she isn't supposed to be putting on a dirty shirt!

Chloe and one of her friends came over and wanted to dress Teagan up. This is what I found! Teagan loves those shoes! She calls them "Cash", because her cousin, Cash, has a pair in just about every color! Lookin' gooooood, sister!!

Hamin' it up!!

I think I have two little hams on my hands!!!

One things for, Presley can strike a pose - quick!!

This is Teagan's new smile! Ain't it beautiful??!!!

More extreme smiling!!

And I just love when Presley cocks her head to the side. And you can see little sister trying to get in the picture!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stayton Emerson Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding recently. It was a beautiful and very sweet wedding with a really great family! Congrats Ann and Jason!

The lovely and beautiful bride, Ann.

The groom, Jason, and his crew (Dad and brothers)

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson leaving a fun reception to spend a week in Mexico!

Thanks for letting me be a part!

Ryan - Class of 2009

I got to do a fun senior shoot with Ryan, Class of 2009. We didn't get to go outside like we planned, but since we had already rescheduled once due to inclement weather, we decided to do only studio pictures. The timing of the shoot was perfect, he just got all his cap and gown stuff on Friday. Thanks to Mom for setting everything up and Dad who came and assisted. Thanks, Ryan!

The handsome graduate.

And he's smart too!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Willa and Dovie's Nursery - guest post

I would like to introduce my sister, Alison (a.k.a. Willa and Dovie's Mama), who is the guest author of this post. There's always more to the story than just what you see in pictures, and this was a fun way to get to share both! Not to mention, my family has been known to leave out nary a detail. So without further ado...


I’m soo very excited to get to write a guest post on Taylor’s blog! We’ve been looking so forward to the nursery pictures, and when I saw them I knew I had to add my two cents and share the story of this awesome room.

Welcome to Willa and Dovie’s room! This room is so special because it truly embodies the spirit of family and community. Like most people, we procrastinated finishing (some might say starting) their room until it became apparent that the babies weren’t going to wait much longer to come into this world. Let me back up and say that shortly after me becoming pregnant, Jay ripped all the paneling and trim off the walls leaving the bare planks. He also spent months pouring over magazines and scouring the internet for nursery ideas. I remember once even pulling over at a drapery shop so he could take a picture of a canopy that caught his eye. We had all the ideas in the world, but the room literally looked like a construction zone about a month before the babies were born.

I guess it’s been about a year ago now that we got started. The work began and everyone pitched in. My brothers-in-law framed and sheet rocked one wall and hand-cut all the pickets. (My sister, Kenzie, painted them all pink – there had to be over 100 pickets.) They helped Jay nail down the floor and wire cable line and electrical line in the attic. Jay’s brother came to help him cut and hang trim. Jay painted for days and days, ruining almost every article of clothing he owned. All this time I was stuck on the couch – a very hard spot for someone as controlling knowledgeable as myself. Then, about six weeks early, my water broke in the middle of the night. While Jay and I were at the hospital, our family came over to work all day and finish up construction. They even sent me a phone picture to show me all the progress.

Another person so instrumental in the creation of the girls’ room is my sweet friend who made all of their bedding. We gave her the material and a picture of something we found on the internet and she created this stunning, timeless, unbelievably beautiful bedding. It’s made of pink Dupioni silk and covered in embroidered organza. It makes me so happy to think that they spend every night and take every nap nestled into the cocoons of love that she made for them.

One of Jay’s favorite items is the digital photo frame between their cribs. He matted and framed a flat-screen television, hung it on the wall, and wired it to a DVD player in the closet. The girls like to look at pictures of their family and friends when they’re laying down for a nap. Technically, it could even play movies if we watched TV in our bedrooms, but we don’t.

One of my favorite parts of the nursery is the tree on the wall. Hung on its branches are some words that we think are important for the girls to learn as they grow and mature. The words we have on the tree right now are grace, non-resistance, loving kindness, individuality, and compassion. The word tree is a work-in-progress and we will add many more words as they become appropriate.

Every day when I walk into Willa and Dovie’s room and see the culmination of everyone’s hard work, I am constantly reminded of the love and anticipation and excitement and JOY that we all felt while preparing a space for these precious girls.


Click here to view a slideshow of more nursery pictures.

My littlest baby

OK, maybe she's not a baby anymore! OK, she's actually getting to be such a big girl (sniff, sniff)! She is communicating more and more everyday. Which means less meltdowns everyday from us not having ESP and meeting her needs in 0.5 seconds minor miscommunication. And that is a glorious thing!!

Teagan has some major preferences! To name a few of some of the latest: Fruity Pebbles, "pop pop" (this one particular Polly Pocket hat), lift the flap books, outside, candy, shoes, and just overall complete cooperation on my part.

Some of her aversions include, but definitely not limited to: naps, bedtime, the word "No", and any and all and from any one, disciplinary scolds both directed towards her or not. They could be merely warnings, like "hot!!", if it catches her off guard, she tearfully/hysterically responds.

Things I've learned from Teagan:
1. Just when you think your patience has run out, alas, God grants you more!
2. I'm not the only one who likes to be well fed. Heaven forbid if she and I are hungry at the same time!
3. Maybe kids do like a schedule.
4. I can be very accommodating to keep kids happy!
5. And lastly, just when I think I have her figured out, she lets me know I actually do not!

Although she keeps us on our toes and guessing one minute to the next half minute, she has a soft, sweetness about her that just makes you want to eat her up! And while she doesn't just throw out the love and affection, it just makes the times when she does so much more special!! I love her - preferences, aversions, and all!!

Love this picture that shows how she has gotten very motherly with her babies lately.

I love this one with her talking on Presley's shoe and putting the other one on her baby.

Sweet smile with dimples galore!

These last few, she's helping me model the other new chair I got.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't forget!

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Have a great weekend!