Friday, October 30, 2009

And the winner is...

Good morning! I couldn't wait to find out who won the Bloggy Giveaway contest. I made so many posts on this blog yesterday it made my head spin! (And would you believe I'm still behind?!?!) Well, it must have also disrupted the natural flow of my computer because it currently won't come on! Pictures are safe! Computer needs an upgrade!

Good thing for trusty laptops! Because I HAD to finish having fun hosting a real contest!!

Without further ado!

RANDOM.ORG - Integer Generator: "Here are your random numbers:
7 Timestamp: 2009-10-30 14:52:00 UTC"

The winner is Steph Pesano. Congratulations, Stephanie!!

Thanks for playing, everyone! Everyone who played gets a $25 print credit! Now everyone is a winner!! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leopard Fun

I had been itching to use these fun leopard print papers and when I saw these precious outfits, I had totally designed their one year announcement in my head! Isi and Oli's mama loves sending cards out more than I do! She sent a birth announcement, a 9 month photo card, and this 1 year card! I know she made lots of friends and family smile!

P.S. I think I saw arboretum staff repainting the awesome grungy blue rod iron black. I wanted to scream "NOOOOO!" But I refrained. I'm sure black will be nice for pictures too...

Teagan's Birthday Invite

Teagan rocked her birthday pictures this year! Price and I took her to the square one afternoon while big sis was at (pre)school. She did so good without any big sister distractions!!

I wanted to share her invitation to her train party! I have lots of black and white and pink papers that would make a really cute untraditional holiday card!

Jackson and Madison

I wanted to showcase some of the pictures from this family shoot. Granted it was in two parts. Big extended family and then just the wee ones. Big thanks to Crystal for sticking with me despite 3 or 4 weather reschedulings. It was worth it though!

I love this one of the two kiddos! I'm just going to embrace that unfortunate lens flare like I meant to do it!

I love this one of Jackson with his Boom Paw. I told them to just interact and be silly! So Boom just pulled an ear out!

Miss Maddie all pretty in pink! Love those curls!! By the way, we decided she is Dovie's other twin (triplet?)

And the J man, looking all too studly with his button down and tie!! Baseball makes Hubby want to try for a boy. Well that shirt and tie makes me want to try for a boy! Your welcome for that little tid bit!

Arboretum with Friends: Part 2

Arboretum with Friends, part 2 was a huge success! And by success, I mean the kids had a blast stomping through mud, hay, and soggy pumpkins, and the ladies had fun visiting with one another and enjoying each other's children!

Let's see who was in attendance, we had the Golding brothers, Cason and Chase. Cason is still the doting big brother as you can see!

Jackson! I'm threatening him with a 'wet willy' in this one - it get's him every time, to my complete and utter delight! More of the J man soon!

Sweet Victoria! She's at that age where she doesn't want to stop for even one millasecond. But I still captured her sweetness!

Collin! Twin B, for those keeping track!

Brendan! Twin A, again for those keeping track.

And of course my two. Here's Teaggie Weeggie/Wiggles/Weegie. She just celebrated a birthday! My baby is two years old and talking like you wouldn't believe! It amazes us daily all that she can say! And it seems like with each day she adds a word to length her sentences. She gets her point across with ease these days. And Mama couldn't be more happier about that! Praise Jesus, can I get an Amen! She wanted 'Chucky' for her birthday. We debated on having her party at Chuck E Cheese, but decided the park would be better. We did go to 'Chucky' on her actual birthday. More to come on Weegie's two year festivities!

And my big girl! Presley Poodle. She thinks she's a princess, y'all. She wants to live in princess dresses all day everyday. It's a fight every time we have to dress to leave the house. Sometimes I'm not up for it and I let her wear it. Don't tell, but currently I have all the princess dresses hidden until after Halloween. She's going to be Dorthy, because Mama spend money on a Dorthy dress - and searched high and low for one that fit (thank you, Craig's List - I'm going to give back to you one day! Seriously I have a pile of junk for you.).

If you meet with a play group and want to have picture made, let me know and I'll give you more details and special pricing for your group!

Thanksgiving cards!?!?!

Guess what is popular this year? Thanksgiving cards! (I know I was like uhhh....I barely get my Christmas card out before Christmas!!) I aim to please, so I wanted to show you one!

Let me know if you want to create a Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year card from pictures from your recent session! Print them in metallic and really give them that wow factor!

In other housekeeping news, I still have some available openings this year, so let me know if you want to book something! I'm excited to find out and post the winner of the Bloggy Give Away! Don't forget it ends tonight at midnight!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Arboretum with Friends: Part 1

Since we've been having such great fall weather (in between some rain) and because my membership to the arboretum was going to expire at the end of this month, and mama needed her money's worth, we planned some trips to the arboretum. And because everyone couldn't go on the same day, we planned two parts to the fall fun at the arboretum. Again, I'm all about getting my money's worth!
Part one was with Elliana and her mama, Robyn on Monday.
(I was totally going to pick one favorite. But I couldn't - with that sweet smile, and those incredibly thick, dark eyelashes, and that sunkissed face with those beautiful eyes.... I had to share.)

Part two was today and there were lots of cuties!! So please, as always, stay tuned!

Bloggy Give Away!!

In an attempt to see how many people read this here ol' blawg, (and to possibly add a few more)I wanted to give away a FREE session with a $25 print credit ($125 -150 value) to be used anytime within a year from now.

So here's what you have to do. Post a comment answering the question: what is your preferred style of photography? I'll use to generate a random number. And the person who's comment number matches the random number, wins!! The winner will be posted here so check back to see if you won! Please post only one comment per person, but tell your mom, your sisters, and all your friends so they'll have a chance to win too! You have until Thursday, October 29th, until midnight to comment and then I'll post the winner on Friday!

This is so fun!!

And because what's a post without a picture? Here are my two at the arboretum recently. Not looking at me, but smiling, together, still, and looking happy! What's a mama to ask for beyond that??

Now for the 'fine print' type of stuff. The free session can be used in studio or on location within 25ish miles, up to five people or all members of your immediate family, and will expire 10/30/10. I think that should about cover it! Thanks for playing!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brendan and Collin

Brendan and Collin are two of the sweetest boys I know and they are now THREE years old. Their mama and I met during our internship and oh how I treasure our friendship, along with a few other 'internship friends' as I refer to them as.

We started at the railroad track.

Baby B - Collin!

Baby A - Brendan!

I love this picture at the downtown Rockwall square!! They are going to be spiderman and batman for Halloween. So they showed off some of their heroic moves! Nice!!

Funny story. As I was looking back through pictures on which I could possibly choose to post, I realized that I had not uploaded all the pictures. So in a sense, this is a sneak peek!

We went to park and the boys ran, and ran, and RAN!!

They occasionally stopped though and humored us!!

And because I don't understand the way blogger uploads pictures so out of order, here's one back at the train track.

Thank you so much Amy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Win a FREE session and print credit!

If you want to score a free session fee and $50 print credit, you'll have 3 chances to win along with other GREAT raffle items at a Benefit Concert at Texas Love and War in Plano, TX on Sunday, October 11th from 4 pm to 10 pm honoring Ashlyn. Ashlyn recently had brain surgery. She's only four years old. (Ashlyn's mama works with my sister and that's how I happily became involved.)

There's a great line up for the concert too! The Derailers are headlining. Lane Thomas and the Sidewinders, Steve Ferguson Band, and Randy Brown Band with guest appearance by Jordan Hendrix (fidle player for 1100 Springs) are also going to be entertaining.

So come out and support a great cause!