Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our goal was to get a picture of these two together for a gift for Gran, so I can't spoil ALL the fun! But I thought it would be okay to show a couple of cute ones for a quick peak. This family has some beautiful genes! It's hard not to look at these pictures and not smile back!

Tanner at 7 months

I have been so busy getting ready for Teagan's first birthday party (all those trivial details probably nobody notices, but for some reason I feel compelled to do...), that I'm behind getting some sneak peaks up for my peeps.

I've realized since I've had a recent influx of 6 monthers, that 6 months is the age for some GREAT shots! They aren't able to crawl away usually, but they can sit and/or prop themselves up on their hands. And I've either gotten a lot of laid back babies, or 6 months is a very laid back age!

Tanner was so easy! Way to go, Dude!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

MDO preview

Here is a preview for tomorrow. My goal is to have a classy, simple, fall setting and let your child take the lead! (I want the focus to be your kid and not a busy background!)

If they don't want to sit on the stool, they don't have to. And we'll do our best to encourage and extract pretty smiles and not this face!

I'm looking forward to it and appreciate the opportunity to capture your kiddo's sweet personalities!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mr. Big Stuff

Here is Kellan's 6 month pictures. (Here are his three monthers we took just three short months ago!) He's long and lean and such a big boy reading the paper!! This mama and daddy brought their own little bag-O-tricks and had some great ideas!! I so appreciate the creativity everyone brings to the table! It makes for a fun session! And with how easy going Kellan was, it was a pleasure!!

Miss Molly

This little baby girl is too cute for words! Her parents (and our friends) came b-boppin' in with a "Mary Poppins's" bag full of good stuff. (Which is the very best way to come to a photo shoot!!) We changed clothes, bows, and overall positions many times and she was such a doll the whole time! It was fun guys!!

Wonder where they went to school?? :)