Monday, June 30, 2008

Bride and Groom

What a beautiful day to say "I do"! Here are some shots from their special day.

Willa and Dovie

Our family grew by two yesterday! My twin neices arrived at 7:00 pm, just shy of 34 weeks gestation, after Alison spent a week in the hosiptal due to one of the bags of water braking. Willa (baby A) was 4 lbs 2 oz and was breathing like a champ all by herself. Dovie (baby B) was 4 lbs 12 oz and had to have a little extra help with a C pap because she had some fluid in her lungs. She was taken off the C pap this morning and is breathing now all by herself. Willa got to nurse today and did so good! Dovie is going to try to nurse tomorrow. So let's keep our fingers crossed and say some prayers that they'll get to come home soon, hopefully in a couple of weeks or less.

Middle names are still being decided, but here are the only pictures that I have of them right now. I'll be getting some more very soon! They won't be lacking pictures, I know that!

For some reason, those pictures won't upload. So I'll try to get some posted up soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Actually we were in the shade, but all the better! Our bi-monthly play date with the internship girls was so much fun! We went to Maria Paula's house (which Presley said all afternoon after I told her we were going to Miss Maria Paula's house) and had pizza, pool time, and ice cream! What a glorious combination for the kids and mamas!

Here's one of Presley lounging in the pool toward the end of play time - well after her nap should have taken place! Presley's a little unsure about the water, but she warms up to it after a while!

Here's one of Teagan in the pool with all the little babies! Teagan loves the water!

Here's Presley with her cute cherry swim suit on that Amy got her for her birthday (along with cherry shoes, cherry sunglasses, and a cherry watch!)!
Here's mac daddy Brendan swimming with the ladies. He gave them several group hugs that I never was able to capture with my camera! What a sweetie!

Pointer funnies

The other night I was doing laundry, and was taking the folded clothes to our room to put up. In an attempt to appease Presley by letting her help, I hand her three pair of Price's undies to carry back with me. Well after I put my piles up, I go hunt Presley who never made it to our room with me with her little short stack. Here's what I find.

This was Teagan after a long day of running around and marking things off our list of do's!

2 Year Birthday Bash

Presley's party was so much fun! Lots of friends came and we ate hot dogs and cup cakes and just had a good ole time! Presley personally didn't want anything to do with the water, but she had a great time regardless.

Here was Presley's face while we were singing Happy Birthday. She had a brief moment of shyness.

This was the next day playing with some of her new toys with some of her new shoes on, sharing nicely with her sister who totally capitalized on some new toys!

This was a shot of some of the kids enjoying the splash part of the splash party!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Presley's birthday invitation

Here is Presley's 2nd birthday invitation. I looked up from my busy days and realized I had to get them made, printed and mailed out! So we got our swim suit on and went out in the back and had a mini photo shoot with some sunglasses that matched her swim suit!

I'm hoping she'll enjoy the spray park during her party!

More pics of the girls

I wish I could post all the pictures on my camera right now! They have been little hams lately! Here's the girls after church last Sunday. Presley has a sucker, one of my socks on her leg, and the remote - all a great combination to a leisurely Sunday afternoon. After their nap (and Price's I'm sure), we went to Price's sister, Shelly's house for Honey's birthday dinner.

Presley and Cash in their swimmer diapers sitting by the spa.

Teagan before she made her way into the pool. Teagan loves the water. Presley is still unsure about it and very cautious. (which I'm glad because kids and water freak me out!)
The girls sporting their SPF 50 - kids and sun freak me out too obviously! If they are anything like me (sorry, girls!) they will burn very easily!

Little Gym fun

Yesterday marked the end of another Little Gym semester where they get a medal and family gets to come. Well no family came this time, even Daddy had to miss it! But I snapped a couple of pictures! Presley really likes going and the night before we always ask her if she knows where we are going tomorrow." A couple weeks ago we asked and she said "church". Because we ask her that too when we're going to church too. It was funny and made us feel like all the Sunday mornings when we are running around crazy getting everyone ready isn't all in vain and that she enjoys going just as much as we do! So anywho, back to Little Gym. Here's some a peak at what it's like:

Swinging like a monkey!

Tummy bubbles!

Getting her medal and looking very proud of herself!

Her class looking cute! Major props for all of them sitting still for the picture!

Little sister being SO good and crawling around.

Playdate at the Mall

Every other Monday I meet with my "internship friends" for a regular play date. I call them my "internship friends" because we all went through our dietetic internship together and became close friends. So that name does not suit how dear these girls are to me, but it serves it's purpose. To make a long story longer (a gift given to me by my Grandma), these pictures are from our play date this week at Willowbend Mall. They have a cool kids area that's low and you can have a conversation while keeping a close eye on your kids.

Here's all the kiddos, even Victoria (Maria Paula's little girl), getting swaddled in the back. Nobody is looking at the camera, but I love this picture because it shows all the kids playing together! From left to right: Presley, Elliana (Robyn's little girl), Brendan (Amy's twin A), Teagan, Collin (Amy's twin B).

Teagan showed everyone how she can crawl around. Elliana wasn't really all that impressed, thought that was old news!! Elliana is 8.5 months and the tiniest little thing - very dainty and proper! They swapped toys after this and shared very nicely!

Presley and the twins in the tea cup. Spot of tea, anyone? Collin (green polo shirt) is a little more reserved but a dancing fool! Seriously he can cut a mean rug! And Brendan (blue polo shirt) is a total ladies man! Notice in the above group shot, he squeezed himself right in the middle of all the girls!

Here's Brendan giving Teagan lots of sweet hugs! He's a love man!

Our next play date is at Maria Paula's house with a couple kiddie pools in the backyard, so many picture opportunities there!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All about Presley, almost 2 yrs old!

Presley is such a sweet girl. Sometimes she has a bit of a mean streak in her. Anywho, I always have to watch her, especially around other kids because one minute she'll be hugging someone and then next she'll have this look on her face and she's bopping them on the head, pushing them, snatching their toy, etc. She's as finicky as a cat!!

Also, her new favorite word is "No". It's driving me a little crazy! I won't even get a sentence out before she says "no". Any advice???

Presley loves shoes!! She hangs around the house in a diaper most days of the week. But she'll usually have some shoes on! I stumbled upon her in this laundry basket with her baby, Buddy with her ultimate favorite shoes (hand-me-downs from Laynie, that we have greatly enjoyed!), her crocks!

The other day I told her to go get her shoes on and she came walking around the corner in these rain boots that don't fit her anymore, but she wanted to wear them. (By the way, she's missing her pants, too.)

Here's her and her cousin, Madden celebrating some Cinco de Mayo. Looks like she's trying to hitch a ride too!
She eats just like her mama! Usually you will find me with my head in a bowl too. Mama (my mama) always says, "waste not, want not."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

All about Teagan 7 mos

Teagan is 7 months now. She just popped her first tooth and is now officially crawling. She has really turned a corner in the fussing stage too. She's still not afraid to let you know when she needs something though. But she loves to play with all her toys. She is getting better at eating new foods too, although I really haven't pushed foods too much. She still loves to nurse and with this first tooth, we had some all night eating a few (too many) nights. But that's okay, I can live a couple weeks with blood shot eyes! Here's some recent pictures of Teagan.

About to go to her Aunt Shelly's for a swim.

Here's her modified yoga pose. Her other leg is down in this picture, but usually it is up. I have a feeling she will be walking soon - she tries to stand up, ya'll!!

But smiles (with her tongue sticking out) in her bumbo, eating some stars.

Teagan and Presley at the Spray Park in Rockwall. We met some friends there a couple of weeks ago. The water was still a little cold, but this is going to be a popular hang out for the Pointer Sisters this summer!