Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun stuff!

I got some fun backgrounds, frames, and overlays over at to embellish my photos and make cards, invitations, albums, storyboards, etc. I had fun playing with Miss Ella's pictures today while the girls napped! This set is pretty girlie! The next pack I get will be more manly, I promise!

Pig tails and water pails

Here are the girls helping Dad make a sand and water table for the backyard. We played with one at a birthday party and I knew both girls would love it! Hubby's pretty handy with pvc pipe and I knew we could "make it our own" (code for, too cheap to buy the retail version!). Oh my gosh, they LOVED it and have played outside with it every day the weather would let them!

Here's a handy seat!

Presley rarely likes her hair up, but this particular day, she humored me and let me put it in pigtails. Teagan doesn't mind too much if she'll sit still long enough for you to get it up! And she'll rip them out in the car seat if you have long enough of a drive, we found out.
I thought this one was cute of them looking at each other.

Bear hugs!!

Last weekend, we went to Hunter's birthday party and I was able to get this picture of Judah and Jackson with the girls. Kids are so dang cute!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mother's Day Out - The Boys!

I couldn't possibly forget about some of the handsome faces I had conversations with about "cheeseburgers" and the like. Here are some of the boys from the Mother's Day Out spring pictures.

This little cowboy is beyond his years!! I didn't pose him this way, it was ALL him and absolutely adorable!!

I love this one's precious, somber face and him holding his hands so sweet.

I loved this guy's smile and dark eyes!
And this little man brought along baby sister, although I'm not sure if he was quite okay with sharing the spotlight!

If your child's school or MDO needs some photography services, refer them to me. (I give referral credits!) It's actually a great way for them to earn a little extra money as a fundraiser, and the kids get really excited about having their pictures taken!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mother's Day Out Pictures

A few weeks ago I took spring pictures for a Mother's Day Out! It was the second trip I made out there and it was nice seeing familiar faces the second time around. Here are some I've been given permission to share so far!

Top Model's, watch out for this one in a few years!

This little doll was such a little lady!

Love these two sisters sharing a hug!

And these two sharing a giggle!

As you can see, the boys aren't well represented here! I'm working on that!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby M's sneak peak!

Bethany, I know you just left here less than an hour ago, but I couldn't wait to post this picture! Here's a really quick sneak peak! Oh how I love his sweet lil rolls!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh happy day!

Well, actually it was last Thursday! But Willa got her hat off and I'm sure she wanted to bust out in song "It's a whole new world..." To commemorate the occasion (and secure a spot on next year's calendar for the place Willa got her Doc Band), we took some pictures of the girls and Willa in her hat which at that point was a wee bit too small, but there's nothing like waiting until the very last moment! (Literally they were on their way to the final appointment!) Enough gabbin', here are the cuties!

Daddy left something behind...

Here are a couple hints...

A big o' dust bunny! Hubby finally took the plunge and his office now resides outside of this house. Sad for me and the girls during the day because we won't get to see his smiling face throughout the day. But happy for me and my photography studio that no longer has to share the space! Definitely bitter sweet!
{I MUST further note the second picture!} Please NOTE: Teagan has sprite spilled all down the front of her, that's not some big o' greasy stain. And who on God's green earth knows what Presley is doing besides NOT looking at the camera at all costs! My babies! How I love them so!

Birthday Invitations x 2

Here are a couple invitations that turned out soooo cute! I so love a themed birthday party!

DeLayne (Ella's mama) sketched me a rough draft of what she wanted. And here's what we came up with. If you need some interior decorating or just help with a room makeover, she's your gal!

And this one, mom said they were having a Candyland party!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Jones Family

I had the pleasure of meeting the Jones family this past weekend and taking some family pictures. And what family picture is complete without the four legged members? Gracie stole the show in this one!

And this one was one of my favorites - a sweet brother-sister moment!

And this handsome fella is a senior this year!

Thanks, Heather for letting me capture some family time!!