Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miss Teagan

Teagan wanted some blog love from me too. So this one goes out to my baby. Here's a little somethin' I think she'll like!

Teagan is currently teething her big, giant molars. Ouch!! She's been a bit fussy to say the very least. But mostly just when she is tired. Probably not the best timing, but we have also been working on weaning at night. I was so tired (literally) of nursing her all night - whenever she happened to roll over or change positions! And so we began dropping all the middle of the night feeds, but if it is after 7 - 7:30, I'll humor her, just so we can all sleep in a little longer.

Well the absence of 3 or 4 "feeds" (using that term loosely here), was not happily met in the middle of the night. Let's just say, this wasn't the face we could barely make out in the dark.

Yeah, or nothing like this either.

It's gotten A LOT better, but she'll still fuss here and there. But those first couple of nights, WOW!! She would get all sweaty and hot during her fits, even. Hubby said with that will, she's bound to be successful!! She gave it all she got, but I stood firm! And we have endured it - all of us! Presley the other night, in the wee hours, told her "that's enough!" So we are on the road to sleeping through the night! Yahoo!! After we have kicked that habit, we are going to reevaluate the sleeping arrangements! Lots of changes for this family this year, and it's only mid January!!
Teagan has also blossomed in her vocabulary recently!! She can say almost anything you ask her to, and she is articulate!! She's now putting two words together. This morning, when Presley woke up, she said, "Hi Weegie!" to which Teagan responded, "Hi Sister!" which sounds like "sissy". And she is quite the social butterfly in public. She'll give random folks a big, loud, "Hi!" And then bask in their attention - a chip off her sister's block for sure!! It's funny!
Other words she says - up pee (please), ice, mama, da, ba (bath), mo (more), boo (book), eye, no (nose), chee (cheese), dow (down), I know there's more, but I can't think of them right this moment. Yesterday, she learned to take her diaper off, so no more running around in just her diaper. She's gotten so much better when I leave her, but still gives whoever is watching her a run for their money!!
Come to think of it, she gives me a run for my money!! And I love her so much for it!!


amy said...

She's so cute! Enjoy your sleep. Sleeping through the night is so glorious. I"m still thankful for it every night!
And I printed the cake recipe from the previous post...sounds yummy.

Jennifer said...

Teagan is growing and changing so fast, as is Presley. I have to remind you when prompted to say "Mimi" the other day, she spit that word right out too. I was elated!!