Friday, January 22, 2010

Apple bottom jeans...

...the boots with the fur!

I literally could not stop signing this song for about a week after little Kylee and her parents came out for Kylee's one year pictures!

Just look at the cuteness of those boots (and that jacket)! And her little inquisitive nature, holding on so she didn't fall - pure preciousness!

And her beautiful smoked Christmas dress, I think I heard angels sing when mom brought it out!

Happy first birthday, Kylee!

Pesano Family

Remember the contest I had back in October? After the new year, we got together in the studio and did some pics of the kids by themselves, the kids together, the whole family, the boys, the girls, just the parents, and every other combination we could think of! In other words we did it all!

Here are some of my favorites of the kids, from oldest to youngest.

And this little treasure is what's called 'real life'!! And I love it!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Greenville Suzuki Workshop

Thank you, parents for visiting my blog! Please click the following link to see sample images of the posed portraits that will be available during the Greenville Suzuki Workshop. I will also be capturing candid portraits as well as a group portrait before the final concert.
password: suzuki

Thank you, Cassidy for being my model and teaching me a thing or two about your instrument! Thank you and we'll see everyone in April!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pop Art

A friend sent me a text last week and asked if I did "pop art". I wrote back, what's "pop art" (sometimes I'm a little slow with my pop culture lingo, but nothing a little google couldn't fix)? So I looked it up and I said, sure!! And oh my gosh! The fun I had in photoshop!

So she sent me a cute pic of one of her kids and I made it into fun, fresh popped art!

She ordered a 16x20, mounted it, and added the linen texture to make it look like canvas! It's being delivered today!! This would also make for some great birthday invites or note cards!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

When the girls lay down for nap time, I grab a hot drink and head to the computer. Sometimes it's a "spot of tea" and sometimes it's a microwaved cup of coffee. Today I opted for no caffeine and had some hot chocolate. It was delicious.

And lately since it's been so cold, I grab my snuggie we got for Christmas that I've kept at the computer and throw it on. (I really don't get the snuggie. Like I heard someone say, "why not wear your robe backwards?" And I really don't appreciate the static. But it's been nice!! And I'm liking it more and more!)

Hot cup of something + snuggie + quiet house + computer = my happy place!! What's your happy place??

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Cuties, part 2

Here are more beauties that blessed my November and December!!

Mr. Noah!

Big brother, Braedon, sharing his sucker!!

Miss Victoria!

The beautiful Maria Paula with baby girl Peavy, Ms. Victoria's little sister!

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Santa with my two Christmas cuties.

6 girls and a boy: a cousins' picture!

More cousins: Reece, Madison, and Elizabeth!

Miss Halie! This one was full of personality!!

Miss Alyssa and Mr. William. (Their dad painted my new studio wall!)

Obviously I couldn't choose just one!!

Thanks again for a great Christmas season!