Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stephanie, one more

Here's just one more, which was my favorite of the day!
My friend, Stephanie together with her brothers, hitched a plan.

They brought their spouses.

They brought all their kids.

They had some fun!

And got some family pictures!

Thanks, Steph!

J Family

Met this fun family in Frisco by Babe's Chicken. I wish I could have taken a picture of the glorious aroma of fried chicken! I think we were all hungry when we were done! It was a fun place to shoot!

It was a pleasure J fam!

Hays Family

The Hays family, which are our dear friends dating back to high school, met me at Prairie Creek in Richardson. Little Jackson wasn't feeling good when I got there, he rallied as best he could, and by the end of the shoot, he had a fever that continued to rise and lasted for like 4 or 5 days. He almost had to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics! Poor thing!

We got a family picture! Whoohoo!

And then cousin Maddie got there and although we didn't get a cousins' picture, she looked adorable!

And flashed her dimples my way!

More family fun!

And the precious Miss Lila Grace!

Thanks, Crystal!

Cousins, Part 2

Round 2 was the Phillips side, which equates to more kids and younger. So this was still quite a bit challenging. But we managed to capture them in their essence, which is play, play, play, till the mamas take us away. Here are some of our favorites! Or theme was black, white and red!! (And this is where the pictures for our Christmas card originated!)

This was at the very end, when they resumed their play! I love it!

Freshly dressed and just stepped out side to start and they lined up like little ducks!

Another group shot.

And some individuals!
Presley 4 1/2

Teagan 3

Dovie 2 1/2

Madden 3 1/2

Willa 2 1/2

Chloe 13 1/2

Both sets of grandparents got a nice custom album featuring their grandkids! I also made a 52 week calender and a standard 12 month calendar as Christmas gifts.

Cousins, Part 1

Every year we do cousin pictures, on both sides of the family. First up, Pointer cousins. This year, they were at a great age for some fun group pictures. We went with a Grinch theme. The pics turned out soo cute, had to share!

In order of oldest to youngest, which happened to be how they came down the slide! Isn't it always amazing how some of the pictures where the kids initiate are the ones that come out the best!!?

Jacqueline, Presley, Cash, and Teagan

Miss Hadley

Miss Hadley was such a joy to photograph. She made it soooo easy! She had personality bursting out for like two straight hours!! And when we were finishing up, she was just getting warmed up! I could have taken her home with me! Plus her mama didn't miss a single detail! Her nails were painted pink, nary a chip, and she had pink heart stick-on earings (why didn't I think of that? My little ones got some in their stocking this year!)!

I didn't pose her like that! She's a natural, I tell ya!

Miss Hadley rocked the hats!

M Family

Aren't they just the cutest??

and craziest?

They were fun to work with! Thanks M Family!!

K Family

Wow, I haven't posted in forever!! I'm sorry the blog hasn't gotten much love lately! Now that the busy Christmas season is over (it's been a good one, as shown by my absence), I can spend some time posting pictures of the wonderful people I spent some time with recently.

These girls rocked their shoot!

And their mama told me the girls agreed on their favorite image below! Agreed!!??! I thought sisters about that age did anything but agree! But, I have to agree with them myself!

This is such a small sampling of images to share! They had the most beautiful house ever and so many fun places and prop-ish type things to use! I might have to share more....
Thanks, K-family!