Thursday, February 28, 2008

Teagan at 4 months

Here's a cute picture of my Teagan Astelle at 4 months when she was in a great mood after lunch and a nap. Or was it a nap and then lunch? Either way, she put on a show for the camera. This is the best of her smiling AND looking at the camera, but since she's missing some of her ear in the picture, I wasn't really diggin' the composition.

She is rolling over both ways and now enjoys her exer-saucer, a new place to hang out when I need both hands. She's reaching for toys and LOVES rattles. She's becoming quite chatty with a soft little voice that captures our hearts. Teagan still lays down to go to sleep SO easy. The Lord has blessed us and we are thankful!

Sweet Sisters

Not my two, but Sophia and Lola, that is! These girls not only have the cutest names, but they know how to act in front of the camera - like angels, complete with wings! I had a hard time picking my favorite pictures for this post. That's a problem I don't mind having though! We captured some great ones!

Wanted to say a special thanks to my friend Sarah who gave me some photoshop tips! Thanks for helping me continue to learn!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Don't know if you've already heard of Bloglines, but I know there are a few people who, like me, just started 'bloggin' and might like to know about My sister, the OB (original blogger), who is a blogger from way back, introduced me to it. She reads lots of blogs. And when I say lots, I mean LOTS!! So bloglines is a way to see if you have new posts on any of the blogs that you read all at once. It's all free, too! This way you click once and not 11 times (how many blogs I read at the moment). Anywho, I had to share!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My neice, O-e!!

Chloe, a.k.a. "O-e", is a GREAT cousin. Presley loves her and lights up when she comes over, and I'm sure Teagan will feel just the same way soon! Even when Presley was little, she would let O-e hold her, when most babies don't like kids to hold them. O-e could even get Presley to sleep as a baby and still can even now.

She's a big help when she comes over after school, usually just a few days a week. And even though when O-e comes over the noiselevel, the messes, and the chaos increase, it still breaks up the monotony of the day and plays with the girls which frees me up to get something done! I look forward to her coming over. O-e is 10 years old, so there's always some interesting 10 year old drama to hear about. I continue to remind her that she is a huge role model for my girls and her little brother, and to remember that as she makes decisions every day!

This was all three of the girls on Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mr. Hunter, birthday boy

Next month, Hunter is going to be one year old! I'm sure Carole and James would agree that the past year flew by. With life going by so quickly, it makes me appreciate the importance of pictures even more. Pictures take you back... Things I hope to remember when looking back at these pictures at a later date is the way Hunter would lighten up when Carole would sing "the itsy bitsy spider" and "elmo's world", the cautious little boy who wanted to hold tight to his mama's hand when standing, and his beautiful wide open smile! I enjoyed taking these pictures and making his St. Patrick's Day themed birthday invitation. Thanks for the opportunity, Carole!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Princess Laynie and her mama

Today I had the pleasure to shoot Miss Laynie and her mama (and my friend), Stephanie. Laynie actually prefers me to use the forename Princess.

So, it appears Princess Laynie will be having a baby brother, Tanner, in mid-March. We got a lot of great belly and big sister shots to welcome the little bro! These are some of my favortes! Steph, you look great!!

Sisterhood - pirates and fros

I was taking pictures of Teagan today for her announcement (yes, she's 3 1/2 months old and I still haven't gotten them out!!), and Presley would creep into the shot. She would stay for a few pictures and then creep back out. She did this a few times. It actually worked out great! I don't know why I didn't think about it before now!

And although the pictures aren't perfect in every way, like I would like them to be (notice the one where Teagan looks like a pirate and Presley's hair in both - though freshly combed, looks like a fro), they capture the sisterhood between them! Teagan really brightens up when she sees Presley. And every morning when Presley wakes up, she's got to go over to Teagan and say good morning! They are really sweet sisters!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


We went to see the Doodlebops live at Nokia Theather on Saturday with our friends John, Stephanie, and their 2 1/2 year old, Laynie. Presley and Laynie were so cute and had so much fun. During the concert, they were really learning and discovering what it means to have a friend. They wanted to sit right next to each other, and at one point they were both in Price's lap. I saw Laynie reach over and rub Presley's shoulder for a few seconds. And then a little bit later, Presley put her arm around Laynie and was giving her a hug with a big smile on her face. It was too sweet.

We had Teagan with us too, so all our hands were full!! When Laynie was down on our end, John and Steph held Teagan, who did really good throughout the whole show. She didn't like it when it got really loud, but she hardly made a peep.

Here's the girls with their Doodlebop T-shirts on giving each other a hug!

Here's Price with his hands full after the show.

Here's me with Teagan in the sling, which is how we got her in and out.

Here's us with the girls.

Here's John and Steph with Teagan.
We all (even all us adults) really enjoyed it and are thinking about getting tickets to see Elmo live when he comes to Nokia Theater.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dressed Alike

Is it just me, or do these two not like to be dressed alike? I so want to have cute pics of them growing up dressed alike. And I've tried several times, but have obviously not succeeded.

Here's Christmas morning, with no place for Teagan to sit except Presley's new doll stroller that Santa brought.

Here's before we went to Bean Supper (the offical name for our dinner club) with them dressed for bed already. I guess we were lacking real clothes that night... Side note, this is the night we learned the naughty corner wasn't working when she went into it literately 8 times! And we thought we were just being consistent!! You can see she's warming up for a hit here...

And here's the most recent failed attempt. The shirts I specifically had made for cute picture opportunities. And what do I get? Screams by both girls. Teagan's onsie is 3-6 months and she just started wearing that, so there will be more attemps for this one!!!

I will get a good one at some point, I have faith!!