Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Muscial Bed

The picture in the previous post also gives you an idea of how we sleep at night. Recently I've decided we play 'musical bed' all night (hence the reevaluating of the sleeping arrangements I recently mentioned).

Previously, it went Daddy, Presley, Mama, then Teagan. Then once both girls are asleep, I'd push Teagan in the middle and sleep on the outside, so then it was Hubby, Pres, Teggie, Mama. Then depending which side I needed to nurse on, Teagan would flop around on both sides of me throughout the night. So you would think that sleep would be getting better. However, as you can imagine, these two aren't getting any smaller. (Hubby and I aren't either for that matter!) In fact, they are growing like fertilized weeds!! So things are getting cramped anyway.

So now add the fact that Presley wants to start out on the other side of me. So recently it goes Daddy, Teggie, Mama, Presley. Then after the girls are asleep I'd move Presley into the middle and position myself on the outside. Well at some point in the middle of the night Teagan wakes up and realizes that Mama isn't right next to her and demands an position adjustment. So then Price pulls P over towards him and I snuggle with Teagan until she's back to sleep. That's a good scenario. If Presley wakes up in the midst, she'll make her demands and then we start all over.

And if all the above isn't enough to make you need a nap, this week Pres got sick in the middle of the night with an obvious stomach virus and vomited not once, but twice on the bed. The first time I heard it in my sleep and jumped up hollering for Price to turn on the light. He had no idea what had happened, and I'm still not quite sure how I heard it myself. Then we cleaned up Pres and stripped the beds down to the mattress cover and all got back in bed, almost to sleep, and wham, this time she pretty much threw up right in her hair. So off to the tub, while Hubby pulled the remainder of the sheet off. So me and Presley slept on the air mattress that was already blown up in the living room (story for another post) while Hubby and Teagan sleep on the bed without sheets! Snuggling with a kid that smells like vomit despite her midnight scrub is not so fun! Meanwhile Hubby is loving sleeping on the mattress with no sheets - yuck!!

Then the next evening Teagan got sick with the same thing. Her's lasted during the waking hours, hallelujah!! Thankfully neither one of them had it long and today their appetites are back to normal.

Tomorrow, dance class starts! Not for Pres or Teggie, but for me and Hubby!! More on that to come!

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krystlemott said...

Can't wait to hear more about dance class.... Is there a recital for us all to attend in support? HAHAH!