Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daddy's girls

This picture is kind of old (notice the pacie) and I snapped it from my phone before bed, so the quality isn't all that great, but I LOVE this picture! Presley likes to watch something on youtube on our phones before bed. Every once in a while Teagan will catch her a glimpse or two. This was so cute how they snuggled into Daddy's arm!

There have been many series of requests on youtube. First it was "row, row, row your boat", then "ABC's" (pictured here), then it was all things "choo choo soul", then "puppies" (the Siamese cat song from Lady and the Tramp), then it was "paradise" (the pure imagination scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), then all things "strawberry" (strawberry shortcake), and now she's requested Mary Poppins, but we haven't even opened that can of worms yet.
Recently however she's rekindled her love of books and we've been reading the Tales of Peter Rabbit, which are longer stories and her attention and listening skills have pleasantly surprised me! I was beginning to think she was ADD like her Daddy! :) Teagan also really enjoys books, but she's so independent it's hard to read them to her when she wants to be the book holder and the page turner... We are looking forward to story time at the library starting up the end of this month!

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