Friday, August 29, 2008

Presley and Teagan

This is a long overdue update on my girls, who are both sleeping right now - whoo hoo!!

Presley is singing up a storm - row, row, row your boat, twinkle twinkle little star, ABC's, and each and every doodlebop song. She throws the occasional tantrum, especially after she's told 'no'. She is something else. She is heading up the PR committee when we are out to dinner or at the grocery store, since she has to say hi and bye to everyone we cross paths.

Teagan is doing all sorts of fun stuff - saying 'mama', 'dada', and 'up', shaking her head 'no', cruising, eating table foods. Her personality is really developing. She loves attention from Presley and vice versa. She's still not a fan when we leave her with anyone for any reason, but getting maybe a little bit better!

A couple weekends ago we went to Port Aransas with our friends, Maria Paula, Chris, and Victoria. It was a lot of fun. With three kids, we couldn't get in a hurry to do anything, but we had a couple beach days and one day in the swimming pool. And oh my goodness! They were GREAT in the car on the way there and back (we were very surprised)!

The Bumbo Girls who spent a lot of time in their bumbos since on vacation all it seems like you do is eat!!

Price was laying there in the water on the shore line and Presley went and jumped on his back.

Teagan deciding if she really likes salt water. I'm thinking no.

And MORE twin fun!

Lots of twins recently! I was dragging my feet on posting a sneak peak at the pictures because I couldn't decide my favorites, a problem I never mind having! I'm not quite done with all of them, but preliminary evidence points to the following favorites:

Mom with Sydney

Dad with Jane

Claire with Mom and Dad

Family shot (almost everyone smiling and almost everyone looking at the camera!!)

Friday, August 22, 2008


Here are some baby pictures of Victoria when she was just a little baby.

More twins fun!

Not my twin nieces this time. This family is about to grow by two, too! And you guessed it, two girls! It seems that everywhere you look lately there are girls - and that means pink, pink, and more pink. So we did it right, in the ever fashionable pink! Thanks Jennifer, Steve, and big sis, Miranda!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lil Musicians

We all know that my twin nieces, Willa and Dovie, are 99.9% likely to become musicians of some sort. Jay is so talented when it comes to music (among many things). So what better place to put two precious, sleeping little angels!

Jay and Alison live in an old historic house and they recently redid the piano room, so it made for a great place for a mini photo shoot!

Mama Confessions

Inspired by my friend, Monica, I too will share a few confessions of my own.

  • Today is the first time since Monday that I have worn makeup. (and only because I have a massive pimple on my forehead - so big Price felt the need to kiss it hello yesterday when he got home!)
  • Yesterday I avoided going into my computer/play/guest bedroom (that about says it all right there!) because it was such a disaster! I was only able to peer in from the doorway and in attempts to start cleaning it up!
  • My kids watch way too much TV (Doodlebops and Wiggles)! But they love it!
  • Hubby had to help me clean up the house last night after working himself all day. Hubby = best friend!
  • I feel like I walk around the house all day and get nothing done! But I stay busy all day! I still am trying to figure that one out!
  • And my major confession of the day - I took a nap yesterday with the girls.

Here's what I have gotten done today -

  • dressed in real clothes
  • both girls dressed in real clothes
  • makeup
  • one load of laundry - folded and put away!
  • errand to get some envelopes
  • Presley to Little Gym
  • all three of us fed lunch
  • post office (no line, it was my lucky day!)
  • both girls asleep at the same time
  • pick up our mess from this morning all over the house!
  • sat down at the computer without one baby wanting/demanding to watch you tube and the other going after the cables under the computer desk
  • at this rate, I may have a steaming hot meal for Hubby when he gets home...