Thursday, April 1, 2010

"hi daddy!"

My sister and nieces came over for a Mommy and Me shoot. Willa was busy 'talking on the phone'. She enjoyed the lime light after her sister, Dovie, had about a 30 minute meltdown right before we got started. After some Motrin and some fruit snacks we decided to wait to do the remainder of the shoot since she had puffy, red eyes and didn't seem to feel all that well. I wanted to post something about it because these things happen, and that's life! We can always try again! It's not always the most convenient thing for parents (get everyone ready, everyone dressed, everyone to the shoot fed, rested, and happy), but it's an option!

Anywho, Alison says when her girls pretend to be on the phone, they say, "hi daddy!". Mine say, "hello....nuthin'". Kids are so dang cute!

Peek-a-boo Fun... the arboretum. These two were funny! I enjoyed my time with them last week! Working on a spring card, so I don't want to show too much, but peek-a-boo at their age always makes the cutest pictures!! Thanks, Jen!