Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More pink cheetah birthday fun!

Here are more fun pictures from Teagan's birthday party.

Teagan with her birthday hat on before we sang "Happy Birthday". We took too long and she had to have a mini meltdown. But once the singing began and she had a cake in front of her, she was fine. Although she didn't get into the cake that much. Over the next couple of days she sure helped me out eating it though.

Before the costume came off.

The pink cheetah cake that was very delicious. Side note, I totally forgot to get cutlery for the cake and ice cream. I was digging forks and spoons out of every nook and cranny of the kitchen. But nobody had to use their fingers! yay!

Birthday girl's big sister, who helped her eat her smash cake. In this pic, she has black lips and fingers to prove it! Unfortunately I didn't get that great of photo of Presley's costume, but it was cute.

The pink cheetah pumpkin decor! Surprisingly there wasn't much pink cheetah stuff out there to spurce up a party theme. So we improvised and painted a pumpkin thanks to Michael's for a good crafty idea.


Holly Green said...

That just might be the cutest costume I have ever seen! Where did you get that?

krystlemott said...

I was bummed I missed the party... looks like it was a blast.

NLoomis said...

how did you make that cheetah cake? Is that a photo transfer? I want to do the same one! Thanks!