Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Girl Carseat

We are only a few months behind, but I'm blaming it on her being so little, and I'm not quite sure she was 20 lbs on her birthday. But now she is and ready for a big girl carseat! We finally got her one and had our first outing in it yesterday. She looked pleased, but there were no fireworks like I thought there might be...

We went to Northpark and met Mimi and my sister and her twins. Presley told me many times that she didn't want to sit with Santa again. (We went to Willowbend and both were screaming on his lap.) I tried to assure her that she didn't have to. I never even told her we were, I think she thought that because she was getting all dolled up, she was getting a picture made...a train of thought, again, I'm liking!! Little did she know, mama's just behind on laundry!!

So it wasn't until we pulled back up the house with both girls asleep that I missed her baby carrier. Therefore both girls only napped on the car ride home! Teagan is such a light sleeper! I can transfer Presley, but Teagan I probably won't be able to.

Here's Teagan in her new carseat (minus the fireworks, but still happy)!

Here' s Presley and Mimi in the train exhibit. We've never done that before, I always thought it was a train you ride. It was neat and the girls enjoyed it!
Teagan saying hi to a train maybe??

The girls looking at a fairy boat under the bridge, it was just on their level to get a good look.

We need to have more outings like that! We all enjoyed getting out of the house, cold weather and all!

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