Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Cards

Finally I have some some holiday cards templates available to view. Click on the following link to see a slideshow.

holiday cards

More coming soon! Stay tuned!

Due to the first comment, I felt I needed to clarify. I bought (actually traded some photography) for these templates. (Many shouts out to Keith Green.) I just plugged in my pictures and text and viola. Then why did it take about a week to get them up still? I've decided that my calling might be more photography than it is "messages". I have made a couple cards here recently, and once I'm assured that they have been mailed out and received, I will post them. I still enjoy both and that IS a blessing! P.S. Thanks, Kerri for your encouraging words.

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The Culhanes said...

Those are awesome!! You've come such a long way in developing your business in such a short time period! It is amazing and inspiring to watch you grow and develop, following your heart. If everyone could be so lucky to do what they love so well!