Thursday, October 9, 2008

MDO preview

Here is a preview for tomorrow. My goal is to have a classy, simple, fall setting and let your child take the lead! (I want the focus to be your kid and not a busy background!)

If they don't want to sit on the stool, they don't have to. And we'll do our best to encourage and extract pretty smiles and not this face!

I'm looking forward to it and appreciate the opportunity to capture your kiddo's sweet personalities!


Brandie said...

That looks really good! I'm excited. THANK YOU again.

Crystal Hays said...

This turned out really cute! Way to go! Hopefully the kids will all be as photogenic as Presley:)

krystlemott said...

This looks great Taylor... mom and I can't wait to have you capture some pics of us. I don't think we will be near as cute as all these great kids though.