Monday, November 24, 2008

Presley's BFF

This is Allie and her brother, Jacob. Their mama, Jennifer, I met through some mutal friends and it's like we've been friends forever. Many, many things in common, particularly photography. And Allie and Presley play very well together! The most recent playdate, we pulled up to Allie's house and Presley said, "no hitting". And almost simultaneously according to Jennifer, Allie said before we arrived, "I'm gonna share my toys." And so the girls were in the zone and played SOOO well together! Jen, here's your sneak peak!


haute shot photography said...

Mercy me, I LOVE them! The last one of Allie is priceless. Sooo Allie! Can't wait to see the rest. Thank you again for such a fun session! And the kids couldn't stop talking about the girls today . . . :)

Erica said...

Jacob was on Clayton's tee ball team this year. What a coincidence that I would see him on your blog.