Sunday, March 2, 2008

A VERY busy one year old.

And I mean BUSY!! This child never stopped the whole time she was here. And rumor is - Miss Keeley has trouble sleeping!?? I was worn out just following this little one around with a camera! We made this shoot a family affair actually, my whole family (dogs, hubby, Presley) got involved in trying to momentarily halt Keeley's continuous exploration. I held Foxy Lady (our Pomeranian) up near the camera lens, Presley gave her some crackers, and hubby talked like Mikey Mouse while jumping up and down (this may of confused her actually...). Between finding sticks, falling and getting back up, watching and saying "dog", and going back and forth between Mama and Daddy, we managed to capture Miss Keeley in still frame, which is ironic in itself since 'still' and 'Keeley' are clearly not on the same spectrum. Sometimes she was smiling, sometimes she was in deep thought, but for the most part she was in pure toddler bliss! Despite everything, we got some great shots! There's a ton more, these were just my preliminary favorites!


The Culhanes said...

The shoot wore us out too! I wish I could say the same for Keeley... Thanks again for all your hardwork. I love the pictures!

Crystal Hays said...

The pictures of Keeley are absolutely ADORABLE! I
love the hat, too. Sounds like it was a group effort to get such great pics--good job, everyone!