Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well I've managed to spoil yet another child. Remember when Teagan used to go to sleep with very little effort? Well somehow she is full blown spoiled and these are her requirements for sleep:
1. our bed (and by 'our', I mean Taylor, Price, Presley, and Teagan's)
2. to lay directly on the sheets, not on the bedspread (I no longer make my bed just to unmake it 3-4 times a day)
3. fan, on
4. while nursing
5. if she wakes up, more nursing

If these demands are not met, then she will continue to cry it out until...they are. How I managed to screw that deal up, I have no idea.

It's so funny how my view on co-co-sleeping moves along the pendulum between love it and hate it. I get in the bed at night loving it - I get to snuggle and hug and kiss the girls to sleep (and 1-5 above for Teagan). But then as the minutes tick away and I find my body contorted this way and that, and then wake up a million times for Teagan to 'nibble' throughout the night, I slowly start my decent toward the hating it side of co-co-sleeping. Obviously not enough to do anything about it. So I'll end with the fact that both girls are sleeping now at the same time in "our" bed and I've gotten a number of things done! That always makes for a great evening!!


The Culhanes said...
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The Culhanes said...

I don't know how I deleted my message! Anyway, I am listening to your warning. I frequently want to cuddle with Keeley while she naps but resist. Apparently, I should keep resisting (but it is so hard sometimes!)

the honey blog said...

Enjoy won't last forever and before you know it you will be literally chasing them down for a little cuddle time. Luke likes to stall for bedtime by asking me to "rocky" him...yeah, soon as I sit down with him and start rocking he is laughing, pinching my nose, tickling me, and then trying to wiggle out of my arms to go running for the toy room...haha!