Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dress up

Last night Presley sniffed out a leftover Christmas present that we saved. We enjoyed it for a couple hours before bed. I'm eager to see if she'll want to dress up again today. There were gloves too, but she didn't want to over accessorize.

Loved those earrings, sister!

Another attempt for a picture of them dressed alike, or almost dressed alike.

And Teagan still loving her tummy time and enjoying her view! Teagan loves her some Teagan in this pic!


Amy said...

How adorable! I envy all the fun girly stuff you get to do! The sister pic is very sweet.

The Martinez Family said...

Those pictures are absolutley adorable! And I cannot believe how grown up Presley looks in that second one!

Crystal Hays said...

Presley does look so grown up in these pictures. She is going to be such a heartbreaker here in a few years! I also love the picture of Miss Teagan checking out herself--too funny:)

Anonymous said...

Ya the second pic is SO cute shes a big girl!! Actually she looks like a teenager or something. Teagan is still VERY cute too. Its Chloe