Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Easter Celebrations

We celebrated Easter this year on Saturday (my fam) and Sunday (Hubby's fam). On Saturday we went to the park and had a picnic and hunted eggs in a wide open, flat plot of grass, very easy for Presley. On Sunday we went to church, came home made a cake in the shape of a cross (Hubby's idea), and headed over to his sister, Shelly's house.
Here's some pictures from both!

Here's Teagan with a front row seat to the Easter egg hunt at the park. Chloe (softly) broke a confetti egg on top of her head!

Presley with OE and her sand pail, her make shift Easter basket. We couldn't find last years basket and Honey had already got her one that she was going to get on Sunday.

Presley with her Easter basket on Sunday, still trying to warm up when we got there. There was so many people, she went in to shy mode, which doesn't last very long.

Teagan with her Easter basket and stuffed Duck.
Family shot. Presley enjoyed about 4 suckers during the hunt and immediately afterwards. She didn't care anything about the eggs, she wanted all the suckers "opey", or open! She eventually figured out how to "opey" herself, that's why she had four suckers... But in this picture, this was the mother of all suckers - a Blow Pop!

Of course I tried to get a shot of them with their matching Easter dresses, but wasn't exactly what I wanted...

Thank you, Jesus for dying for us!

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Holly Green said...

I love their matching dresses! We didn't get any good pics of the girls in their Easter duds either, it's too hard at this age. Too cute!