Monday, March 10, 2008

More Tiara Fun

Saturday we went to Shreveport to watch a MMA fight that a friend was fighting in and won! Anyway, before we left Presley was playing with her cousin, Madden with the tiara. Presley put the tiara on Madden and he loved it and left it on for a good while. This will be even more funny when they are older!! Don't get me wrong, Madden is all boy, just ask his dad who's sure to tell you.

Speaking of cousins, a preliminary sono said my sister Alison (pregnant with twins) is having two girls, and they'll be in the same grade as Teagan!!! So even more fun girly stuff to come!!

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Crystal Hays said...

Oh my! Jackson won't even wear a hat, let alone a tiara! What a great future blackmail picture for Presley:) Too funny. I'm so excited for Alison and Jay--two more little girls!