Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Cousins

A few weekends ago now, Madden came over and stayed with us for about an hour or so. He's at that great stage of sitting and playing with toys. He played really well especially when Presley and Teagan were down there with him. I've noticed that with Teagan too. Her play time extends by 100% when Presley is playing with her or even near her. This was a sweet picture of all three of them playing, and all actually looking at the camera and nobody crying!

And speaking of cousins, this is Cash, Presley's other baby boy cousin at Easter. He's about 16 months old. They matched so cute here, we had to take a picture and of course it's better than any of the ones I've tried to take of Presley and Teagan matching!

Where's Waldo? Remember that? Well this is 'Where's Madden?' I'm a little embarrassed to post this picture...but another day that Madden was over when my mama was watching him and Chloe during Spring Break, he was asleep in Presley and Teagan's crib, but then woke up and I'm not sure who (Mama or Chloe) put him on the big bed that's also in their room, but he loved it! Can you see him?

I would like to say that with two girls with tons of clothes its SO hard to keep everything put up and away and organized. Teagan should now be in her 3-6 month clothes, but we still cram her into the 0-3 months because I haven't exchanged it all out. And if you get behind a little, all of a sudden there's utter chaos. And then I'm too overwhelmed and don't know where to start as far as organizing it all. And don't even get me started on the toy situation! All I can say is how blessed we are for having so much!

Potty training time! We haven't officially started, but in the mornings a couple times now, when Presley's diaper is still semi-dry, I'll set her on the potty to tinkle. This was her washing her hands after she tinkled that first morning. You can see how proud of herself she is. Of course we all made a big ta-da of it!

You're probably wondering why my child is always without clothes in most of the pictures I post and we still manage to not have the clothes situation under control. I'm kind of wondering that myself at this point.

Meanwhile, Teagan is a real motor scooter, she is really getting around. I'll lay her in the bed going one way, and she'll scoot and move and roll until she finds her comfy place. This particular day she turned 180 degrees! We have no carpet for her, so I'm about to bust out the ol' number squares that take up a good third of the living room!

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The Culhanes said...

That picture at the sink is priceless!