Friday, June 6, 2008

Playdate at the Mall

Every other Monday I meet with my "internship friends" for a regular play date. I call them my "internship friends" because we all went through our dietetic internship together and became close friends. So that name does not suit how dear these girls are to me, but it serves it's purpose. To make a long story longer (a gift given to me by my Grandma), these pictures are from our play date this week at Willowbend Mall. They have a cool kids area that's low and you can have a conversation while keeping a close eye on your kids.

Here's all the kiddos, even Victoria (Maria Paula's little girl), getting swaddled in the back. Nobody is looking at the camera, but I love this picture because it shows all the kids playing together! From left to right: Presley, Elliana (Robyn's little girl), Brendan (Amy's twin A), Teagan, Collin (Amy's twin B).

Teagan showed everyone how she can crawl around. Elliana wasn't really all that impressed, thought that was old news!! Elliana is 8.5 months and the tiniest little thing - very dainty and proper! They swapped toys after this and shared very nicely!

Presley and the twins in the tea cup. Spot of tea, anyone? Collin (green polo shirt) is a little more reserved but a dancing fool! Seriously he can cut a mean rug! And Brendan (blue polo shirt) is a total ladies man! Notice in the above group shot, he squeezed himself right in the middle of all the girls!

Here's Brendan giving Teagan lots of sweet hugs! He's a love man!

Our next play date is at Maria Paula's house with a couple kiddie pools in the backyard, so many picture opportunities there!

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Amy said...

You got some great pics! We had so much fun!