Friday, June 6, 2008

Little Gym fun

Yesterday marked the end of another Little Gym semester where they get a medal and family gets to come. Well no family came this time, even Daddy had to miss it! But I snapped a couple of pictures! Presley really likes going and the night before we always ask her if she knows where we are going tomorrow." A couple weeks ago we asked and she said "church". Because we ask her that too when we're going to church too. It was funny and made us feel like all the Sunday mornings when we are running around crazy getting everyone ready isn't all in vain and that she enjoys going just as much as we do! So anywho, back to Little Gym. Here's some a peak at what it's like:

Swinging like a monkey!

Tummy bubbles!

Getting her medal and looking very proud of herself!

Her class looking cute! Major props for all of them sitting still for the picture!

Little sister being SO good and crawling around.

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The Peavy's said...

Taylor, your girls are more beautiful every day!