Friday, June 6, 2008

More pics of the girls

I wish I could post all the pictures on my camera right now! They have been little hams lately! Here's the girls after church last Sunday. Presley has a sucker, one of my socks on her leg, and the remote - all a great combination to a leisurely Sunday afternoon. After their nap (and Price's I'm sure), we went to Price's sister, Shelly's house for Honey's birthday dinner.

Presley and Cash in their swimmer diapers sitting by the spa.

Teagan before she made her way into the pool. Teagan loves the water. Presley is still unsure about it and very cautious. (which I'm glad because kids and water freak me out!)
The girls sporting their SPF 50 - kids and sun freak me out too obviously! If they are anything like me (sorry, girls!) they will burn very easily!

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Amy said...

Your girls are just the cutest!!