Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All about Presley, almost 2 yrs old!

Presley is such a sweet girl. Sometimes she has a bit of a mean streak in her. Anywho, I always have to watch her, especially around other kids because one minute she'll be hugging someone and then next she'll have this look on her face and she's bopping them on the head, pushing them, snatching their toy, etc. She's as finicky as a cat!!

Also, her new favorite word is "No". It's driving me a little crazy! I won't even get a sentence out before she says "no". Any advice???

Presley loves shoes!! She hangs around the house in a diaper most days of the week. But she'll usually have some shoes on! I stumbled upon her in this laundry basket with her baby, Buddy with her ultimate favorite shoes (hand-me-downs from Laynie, that we have greatly enjoyed!), her crocks!

The other day I told her to go get her shoes on and she came walking around the corner in these rain boots that don't fit her anymore, but she wanted to wear them. (By the way, she's missing her pants, too.)

Here's her and her cousin, Madden celebrating some Cinco de Mayo. Looks like she's trying to hitch a ride too!
She eats just like her mama! Usually you will find me with my head in a bowl too. Mama (my mama) always says, "waste not, want not."


Holly Green said...

They are so cute! My only advice for the "no" word is to not argue with her. Just let her know who is boss! They thrive on arguing at this stage.

juli said...

LOVE the boots with the shirt and no pants! And, I love how sassy Presley is...haha! What a cutie!

Haha...must totally be a two year old thing because Luke is going through the same obsession with his shoes...he insists on wearing these shoes from Target that look like Lightning McQueen even though they are 2 sizes too big and he trips all over them. :)