Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Actually we were in the shade, but all the better! Our bi-monthly play date with the internship girls was so much fun! We went to Maria Paula's house (which Presley said all afternoon after I told her we were going to Miss Maria Paula's house) and had pizza, pool time, and ice cream! What a glorious combination for the kids and mamas!

Here's one of Presley lounging in the pool toward the end of play time - well after her nap should have taken place! Presley's a little unsure about the water, but she warms up to it after a while!

Here's one of Teagan in the pool with all the little babies! Teagan loves the water!

Here's Presley with her cute cherry swim suit on that Amy got her for her birthday (along with cherry shoes, cherry sunglasses, and a cherry watch!)!
Here's mac daddy Brendan swimming with the ladies. He gave them several group hugs that I never was able to capture with my camera! What a sweetie!

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