Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My, how they grow!

The adorable sisters, Sophia and Lola, are back! And this time they brought their parents along. What a great family to get to know - beautiful girls and friendly and funny parents, who you can just tell are still so in love with one another!


Holly Green said...

What a teaser! They look so good, we can't wait to see the rest! By the way...Keith loved the boudior pics!

Alison said...

I didn't think you could top the adorable pictures of the girls from last time, but these are great! What a beautiful family!

Keith Green said...

Tay Tay,
The pictures look awesome! Holly and I just looked at al of them and as always you did a great job. Oh, the boudior photos, wow! I think the scab on my chin is starting to finally heal from my jaw dropping on the floor so fast when I saw them. Best gift ever. Period.