Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lil P

Here is one of Presley's two year old pictures in some of her new birthday duds. She is something else!!

Some of her favorite things lately:
  • anyone's keys - she tries to unlock all the doors, use them while she's in Teagan's walker, which is the shape of a pink jeep, or put them in a play purse.
  • talking on the phone (really her hand) to her cousins "Dubie" and "Willa", who I think she thinks is one person
  • the Wiggles
  • singing the ABC's - and all the letters that she doesn't know, she replaces with her two favorite words - "no" and "my"
  • singing row, row, row your boat, but I think she's almost over this obsession
  • taking her diaper off
  • diapering all her babies, or really anything with legs (she put a diaper on a barbie the other day)
  • doing things herself and she'll say "my do it", which means "I'll do it"
  • "chocolate nimp", which means "chocolate milk", she can pronounce chocolate perfectly!

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Amy said...

She's beautiful!