Friday, July 4, 2008

Boudoir Buzz

OK, so everyone has been asking what these boudoir pictures were all about. Well back in May, I was asked to do some fun pictures for some friends as an anniversary gift to their husbands. Well now all gifts have been given and the guys LOVED it! Now I can post some of the photos (with permission) and not spoil anything! These girls were so fun and oh my gosh, gorgeous!! Thank you all for building my portfolio!


Keith Green said...

To all the ladies out there considering doing this for their husbands... do it! I am one of the lucky three that had my socks knocked of by these awesome pics. (My wife is in the top two pics) I have bragged to everyone about how cool my wife is for doing something like this. Plus, Taylor is an incredible photographer and she can keep a secret for a long time. Thanks Taylor!

krystlemott said...

Hey Taylor- I got your Boudoir brochure... I will definitely mention it to some of my co-workers and friends. These ladies look great!