Monday, February 18, 2008

My neice, O-e!!

Chloe, a.k.a. "O-e", is a GREAT cousin. Presley loves her and lights up when she comes over, and I'm sure Teagan will feel just the same way soon! Even when Presley was little, she would let O-e hold her, when most babies don't like kids to hold them. O-e could even get Presley to sleep as a baby and still can even now.

She's a big help when she comes over after school, usually just a few days a week. And even though when O-e comes over the noiselevel, the messes, and the chaos increase, it still breaks up the monotony of the day and plays with the girls which frees me up to get something done! I look forward to her coming over. O-e is 10 years old, so there's always some interesting 10 year old drama to hear about. I continue to remind her that she is a huge role model for my girls and her little brother, and to remember that as she makes decisions every day!

This was all three of the girls on Valentine's Day.


MiMi said...

I love your blog. All three of my Granddaughters!!!

Crystal Hays said...

Chloe is such a great cousin. I can't believe she's really 10! Presley and Teagan are both very lucky to have her take sure good care of them. I know you really enjoy her visits, too:)

chloe p said...

this is O-e! Thnx for putting me on your blog!!ttyl..........: )