Friday, February 1, 2008

Dressed Alike

Is it just me, or do these two not like to be dressed alike? I so want to have cute pics of them growing up dressed alike. And I've tried several times, but have obviously not succeeded.

Here's Christmas morning, with no place for Teagan to sit except Presley's new doll stroller that Santa brought.

Here's before we went to Bean Supper (the offical name for our dinner club) with them dressed for bed already. I guess we were lacking real clothes that night... Side note, this is the night we learned the naughty corner wasn't working when she went into it literately 8 times! And we thought we were just being consistent!! You can see she's warming up for a hit here...

And here's the most recent failed attempt. The shirts I specifically had made for cute picture opportunities. And what do I get? Screams by both girls. Teagan's onsie is 3-6 months and she just started wearing that, so there will be more attemps for this one!!!

I will get a good one at some point, I have faith!!

1 comment:

Crystal Hays said...

I love the last picture of them both screaming! Too funny! They are both such good girls that I'm sure you'll get a matching picture of them in no time:)