Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Logan's mama received a gift certificate for her baby shower! Fast forward six months and Logan was in my studio and I had the pleasure of working with him and his sweet parents. Logan is a mover and shaker don't let this picture fool ya!

He was an inquisitive little fella! That's why I LOVE this age! I've said it before, and I'll say it again (tell your friends, shout it from the roof top, post it on your blog, put it on the calendar) - six months old is the age to do a photo shoot!!

I've been lovin' me some black and whites lately!

Bring special items in for the shoot. This blanket was made by a friend especially for Logan! And Logan wrapped himself up!

I love this one of Logan with his Daddy's big, strong hands wrapped sweetly around him. Actually, it makes Logan look kind of small! But as you can tell by his yummy rolls, he wasn't that little!

Thanks, Sunsharae and Derrell for bringing Baby Logan to the studio for some pictures!


Jackie said...

My beautiful and most favorite nephew! Aunt Jackie

Anonymous said...

awww Logan Christopher...I know it's Logan James, but Logan Christopher is Uncle Al's special name for him.

Chandra said...

Logan!!! He looks so sweet and yummy to eat.....reason why Kasen & Momma call him Pound Cake! Love ya lil man! Cousin Chan

Mena said...

Look how cute he is! Just adorable.

Aunt Cynthia said...

Little handsome one...which name should I choose...a buttterball or a ham! Good genes, kid.