Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gallery at Doctor's Office

As many of you know, a couple months back I had the honor of helping decorate the walls of a doctor's office! Jennifer, one of my great clients' husband, Dr. Leung, works with a group of physicians who just opened a new location for their practice in Lewisville, MD Pediatric Associates.

They helped me pick out the following images for 6 separate galleries throughout the office! I haven't been there to see them hung in person just yet, but Jennifer text'd me these pictures!

Here are the two waiting areas. We went with big galleries!!

And then these are in the hallways!

(Love how Isi and Oli are pointing at their big sister, Miranda! And a picture of them is up there too! And the other picture of the twin boys, we learned as we did this project, are actually patients of Dr. Leung, also shown in this picture! So all these hang by his patient rooms!)

Thank you to ALL of my wonderful clients who gave me permission to use images of their beautiful children!!


stephanie pesano said...

Those look great Taylor.

Brandie said...

Great opportunity! They look wonderful!

Dale said...

Taylor - check out this site:

Great ideas for newborn shoots. Keep up the fabulous work. I love checking in to see what is new.

Bob Woodfin said...

Very very cool. I really love the black and whites.