Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flowery Field

There was (it's now been mowed) a flowery field behind our church that had been tempting me for weeks to come and take some pictures there of the girls. Well when my photog friend, Rachael, called to go shoot, I jumped at the chance. We loaded up chairs, girls, dresses, cameras and headed out in the early evening. It was hot, there had been been no nap. Just sayin'...

I also just happen to have gotten some new color actions that I was wanting to play around with.

Addison's picture I really liked it just the way it came out!

I have my eye on another little field of flowery goodness. So if you like the look, we can head over there for an early evening session. I might load up the girls (post nap) and try it out soon!


Amy Ray said...

I love these!

Lainey-Paney said...

Love the flowery field!
{your flowery field doesn't by chance have one sign that reads 'no trespassing' and another that reads 'no atv' by chance? I've had my eye on a flowery field that has those signs posted, so I didn't dare...}

Amy said...