Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My two...

Just wanted to share a couple pics of my two I took for an upcoming spring project...

Teagan is now 2.25 years. She has the tiniest little voice that teeters on the fence between innocently sweet and straight up whinny. She's a creature of habit and has many OCD moments including, but not limited to:
  1. PJ's - Must be long sleeve with pants. The sleeves must remain at the wrists and the pant legs must remain at the ankle AT ALL TIMES.
  2. When she gets out of bed (both in the morning and when we are trying to get her to go to sleep) she has to gather up all her belongings she sleeps with - teddy, George, and her blanket. Yesterday she was sick so we had a bowl with her at all times. This morning when she came to our room, she had all her belongings, including her bowl.
  3. Anytime she hears anything about Great Wolf Lodge, she has to say "that bucket fell down" (referring to the big bucket of water that dumps out every 15 minutes or so).

She plays really well with other kids, especially boys. This child loves boys, especially older boys! She's going to keep me on my toes later in life. Her current obsessions are Dora, Chuck E Cheese, Fruit Pebbles (which she calls "candy cereal") and donuts. The girl is tiny, but she can EAT!

Presley is now 3.75 years and is still as girlie as ever. She refuses to wear pants and only wants to wear dresses and skirts. She loves to go to pre-K and asks me every day, "do I have school tomorrow?" She's been asking for a brother, to which I reply, go tell your daddy! She and Teagan play well together, until I notice and think that, and then all heck breaks loose. Presley's also obsessed with donuts! Other than that, she's not a good eater. She can't wait to be as big as so-and-so, and loves to do anything and everything by herself. She washed her own hair the other day and when I got her out of the bath, I caught a whif of the top of her head and it just smelled like wet dog! Guess she missed a spot.

They both can't wait to go to the park more now that the weather is warming up.

Although these two sometimes push every button I have and push my patience to the limit (and sometimes past that), they are sweet girls and are generally well behaved. Hubby took them to Chuck E Cheese by himself and said they were so good and that two different ladies told him how well behaved they were. He was so proud and so was I! (Now, this past weekend when Presley threw her friend's toy and broke it? Not my proudest moment.)
Thanks for letting me talk about my babes!


Laura Michelle said...

Great pictures. The girls are the sweetest ! And so grown up.

krystlemott said...

Great photos of the girls and updates on both of them.. miss seeing the Pointer family.. take care

Laura said...

We love this posting, Taylor! You always make us laugh!!

Miss you guys,
Laura & Ben

P.S. You guys will have to come visit us out here in San Fran sometime--it is a blast!

P.P.S. I want to meet your other friend named Laura Michelle. :-)