Saturday, March 6, 2010


You'll have to excuse me but I loved these pictures of my sister Kenzie and her two beautiful kids. I didn't get any pictures of them around Christmas, and we just finally got some!! So this might be a lot of pictures! But even still, I had a hard time choosing were my favorites!!

This is how we see my neice most of the time... p.s. this was not staged.

Madden wanted to show how high he can jump!


Lisa said...

Those are great pics!

Alison said...

These are awesome!!!! I want to see the whole gallery! Love that first one... :)

Amy Ray said...

Chloe is gorgeous!!!!!
I can't get over how big Madden is already!
Those are really good.

Monica said...

I cannot believe how much Chloe is starting to look like Kenz. She is so grown up!! Madden is going to be a little heart breaker. Thanks for sharing these great pics!

Dagmar and Co. said...

chloe has grown up to be a beautiful young women! I remember when I saw her the first time coming with Alison to SMU! Super pics!