Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weegie Woo

Um, hello it wasn't even summer yet and this child has a beautiful glowing tan!! She definitely has her daddy's olive skin! Lucky!! Love those pigtails!

Teagan will pull out dirty shirts from the dirty clothes hamper and put them on. She loves any shirt that she's seen big sister wear! And by the looks of this face, she knows she isn't supposed to be putting on a dirty shirt!

Chloe and one of her friends came over and wanted to dress Teagan up. This is what I found! Teagan loves those shoes! She calls them "Cash", because her cousin, Cash, has a pair in just about every color! Lookin' gooooood, sister!!


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Holly Green said...

They are so cute! We need to get together for a play date soon. They would have so much fun together!