Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My littlest baby

OK, maybe she's not a baby anymore! OK, she's actually getting to be such a big girl (sniff, sniff)! She is communicating more and more everyday. Which means less meltdowns everyday from us not having ESP and meeting her needs in 0.5 seconds minor miscommunication. And that is a glorious thing!!

Teagan has some major preferences! To name a few of some of the latest: Fruity Pebbles, "pop pop" (this one particular Polly Pocket hat), lift the flap books, outside, candy, shoes, and just overall complete cooperation on my part.

Some of her aversions include, but definitely not limited to: naps, bedtime, the word "No", and any and all and from any one, disciplinary scolds both directed towards her or not. They could be merely warnings, like "hot!!", if it catches her off guard, she tearfully/hysterically responds.

Things I've learned from Teagan:
1. Just when you think your patience has run out, alas, God grants you more!
2. I'm not the only one who likes to be well fed. Heaven forbid if she and I are hungry at the same time!
3. Maybe kids do like a schedule.
4. I can be very accommodating to keep kids happy!
5. And lastly, just when I think I have her figured out, she lets me know I actually do not!

Although she keeps us on our toes and guessing one minute to the next half minute, she has a soft, sweetness about her that just makes you want to eat her up! And while she doesn't just throw out the love and affection, it just makes the times when she does so much more special!! I love her - preferences, aversions, and all!!

Love this picture that shows how she has gotten very motherly with her babies lately.

I love this one with her talking on Presley's shoe and putting the other one on her baby.

Sweet smile with dimples galore!

These last few, she's helping me model the other new chair I got.

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Amy said...

She's such a little cutie! ;D