Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poodle Poo

Presley is getting to be such a big girl! This morning when we woke up, I started to say, "You girls -" And Presley interrupted and said, "I knoooow, your back hurts..." And then started rambling gibberish, or maybe I stopped listening. Because yeah, that's probably where I was going with it! Because at some point in the morning, they bombard me and totally get all up in my space. And in an effort to keep everyone asleep until the last possible millisecond, I roll with it! Which means I sleep somewhat contorted. I guess I always say something about my back hurting! Thanks for pointing out the redundancy!

Presley is also very innovative lately! We were eating popsicle's the other night and she wanted to put on her winter mittens to eat her popsicle that was too cold to hold!

She looks so old here and just like a little girl! I know I keep saying this, I think I'm trying to wrap my brain around it!!

Play-doh is her first love right now!! (Well, it's a toss up between play-doh and Caillou.) The girl loves her some play-doh!! She can play with it for HOURS!! And a little bit of play-doh resides in the sole of just about every pair of shoe we own. Even cousin Madden has some in his shoes!

Marker-cap capped fingers!!


Amy said...

Play-doh and Caillou, she is definitely after my boys' hearts!! :)
The story about your back hurting was hilarious!

Lainey-Paney said...

She looks like she's just delightful!

...and the kiddos in the bed...I can kind-of relate. We've only got one to crawl into bed with us, but it's amazing how much room one little guy can require!