Friday, April 18, 2008

Gangsta Girdle

I'm a little hesitant to reveal my secrets, but this picture was too cute not to share.

I do HAVE to tell you how it came to be before I completely air all my laundry. So, I had just had Teagan (my second), so my bod wasn't exactly like it was, and really that should be - "was, was", because it wasn't like it was before I had Presley, if we're getting honest. And honestly, we're about to.

Anywho, in more simple terms, I had bulges where I didn't want to bulge, and sags where they should actually bulge. That sentence should really not be in past tense, but I'm moving forward.

So after I had Teagan, I was walking in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and came across a girdle type thing that sucks everything in and pulls some stuff up. Well it's a work out just to get the thing on, and actually it's so uncomfortable, I've never worn it out of the house. But it was 20 bucks, and I thought it was going to solve all my problems. Unfortunately it just cuts the oxygen off to my brain, which is one way to solve your problems, I guess, but wasn't really what I was going for.

So Presley finds this contraption and wants to put it on and then wears it around for a while. It fit her way to good to believe that I could even get one leg in it! She enjoyed it!

This picture is not nearly as personal and revealing, but we put Price's hat on Teagan and she really enjoyed wearing it. She looks like such a little gangsta with the hat and her little arm all hanging over the back of the bumbo (and her pink leopard sleeper adds a little flavor, too).

This is the smile with the tongue sticking out I referred to in a previous post, of Teagan's favorite things. She's actually starting to stick it out further and further when she smiles and gets all excited. Oh what I would give to know what is going on in her little mind when she sticks out her tongue.

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Holly Green said...

Do not be ashamed! I have 3 pairs of spanxs that suck in my baby fat everyday!