Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chubby Babies

One of my favorite things is wrinkles and rolls on a baby. Mine fortunately havemany! Well every time that someone says that Teagan is getting more and more chubby, I have to think to myself, "If you only knew Presley at this age.." So I thought I would post some chubby pics of Presley and Teagan at the same age.

Here's Teagan in her bumbo eating on a plate, thinking, "Bring on the food, woman!" Her legs are just now getting stuck in the leg holes!

Here's Teagan just out of the bath all greased up with baby lotion. You can see some rolls starting to form.

Here's Presley in her "I love Sushi" outfit that we basically had to put on her in the dead of winter so that she could wear it at least once. This is a great shot of her arm rolls.

This shows the greatness that was her legs. She might be a little older than Teagan is now. But I look at this picture and no wonder a Walmart checker once said to me, "She's so big. Does the doctor say that's okay?" I kid you not, she said that! Me, being the nice, laid back soul, just smiled and said yes. I should have asked what her BMI was and how the doctor felt about that! But I can never think of witty rebuttals to other people's ignorant comments, and if I could, I wouldn't say them....


Holly Green said...

I love fat babies! They are too cute!

Lainey-Paney said...

You're Taylor.
Kenzie's little sister, Taylor!
I can't believe I randomly scrolled across a mom blog & saw someone that I recognized from my old school days. So WILD.

~Brandy Laine (Cox)