Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Tonight Teagan had her first taste of grub - cereal! The signs of readiness have been there - grabbing for whatever you have, watching us intently while we get our grub on, waking up a bazillion times to eat at night, and eating a lot during the day (I think those are all signs anyway). She loved it! I was really surprised at how much she liked it! She was reaching for the spoon and opening her mouth really wide. I pretty much had to cut her off, I wanted to start out in baby steps.... Presley has been such the little helper, she had to get a piece of the action and help feed Teagan too. She also had to have a bite and decided she liked it (but I could tell she really didn't).
My baby's growing up and although I look forward to seeing Teagan master each stage of development, I know I'm going to miss her being a baby! It seemed like yesterday that Presley had her first taste of food.

The anticipation - just look at those rolls!

See her reaching!!
Sharing the love.
T is for Tummy...I mean, Teggie.

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